Effect principle and maintenance attention of UV Laser marking machine

The working effect of Laser marking machine is that it can mark different material surfaces for a long time. Its principle can be considered as covering the deep material by cooling the surface material (ultraviolet Laser marking machine), or changing the surface material into "engraving" (light / CO2) by chemical and physical reaction of light energy, However, people who have not been in contact with the material will think that light energy causes light contact processing on the surface of the material, and burn the surface to show the carved patterns.


Here we want to talk about the UV Laser marking machine. Through its laser head, we can know that the UV laser is a cold processing with high load. Through the Laser marking machine, the chemical bond in the material or surrounding medium can be broken, so that the material will be damaged again by non thermal process. This kind of cold working has a similar meaning in laser marking processing, because it is not a thermal laser, but a cold extrusion that does not produce "thermal damage" side effects and stops the chemical bond, so it does not produce cooling or thermal deformation to the inner layer and nearby area of the processed surface. We can call this process "photoresist" effect.


In the field of modern precision machining, because the traditional Laser marking machine uses the laser thermal processing technology, the development of precision is limited. In this context, UV Laser marking machine has become the favorite of the new era of UV Laser marking machine. In the field of UV Laser marking machine, it is mainly used for marking: flexible PCB board marking, FPC board cutting, silicon chip, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, apple data cable head, high requirements of light transmission keys, plastic parts after UV oil and other special materials. Ultraviolet Laser marking machine in the daily work of the composition of hardware constantly work, long-term work will make it wear.


  1. When the laser beam of UV Laser marking machine is working, it should be noted that it can not contact the end pump Laser marking machine or collide with the beam of the workbench. These are the matters that customers should pay attention to in the process of operating the Laser marking machine.


  1. Although the effect of processing products will not fade due to environmental factors, its processing environment still needs attention. The environment, temperature and humidity of the processing place should meet the standard to ensure that the place is clean and tidy, and the worktable should also be kept clean and tidy, so as to ensure that the processing materials are not polluted.


  1. Before processing, the UV Laser marking machine should be inspected, and the cooling system, optical system and field couple of the machine should be maintained. Ensure that the system can work normally, ensure the processing effect.