Excellent practical operation, improve the laser marking machine application, the whole mechanical maintenance

Up to now, as a kind of manufacturing equipment, fiber line laser marking machine is more or less cost-effective in the whole process of work, and there is loss. Generally, with the longer use time, professional ability will decrease to a certain level. How many years is the service life of a fiber line laser marking machine?

As the key component of the fiber line laser marking machine, the advantages and disadvantages of the laser generator immediately endanger the working efficiency of all laser marking machines. Generally, the lab data of laser generator service life is 100000 hours. According to the daily laser marking machine working 24 hours, it can take 11 years. It can be used for six years according to the standard of 40% output of laser.

Naturally, it is the basic theoretical data information of the laboratory, which will be different from the specific working environment and application level. According to the laser customer information, the vast majority of fiber line laser marking machines have been used by customers for five years, and the operation is excellent at this stage.

(1) In case of any common fault, the switching power supply should be cut off immediately.

(2) When the ultraviolet laser marking machine of the equipment is not working, the power supply of the laser engraving machine and the computer should be disconnected.

(3) When the equipment is not working, the field mirror lens should be covered to avoid the dust environment polluting the optical glass.

(4) When the equipment is working, the power supply circuit is high voltage. Layman should not repair it when it is started to prevent safety accidents. The daily maintenance of optical fiber line laser marking machine is an indispensable work in production and processing. During the continuous work of the components of laser marking machine, the long-term summary will cause certain damage. For example, when carrying out the work of end pump laser marking machine, the laser should pay attention not to touch or impact the bearing beam of the operating platform, which are all matters that customers should pay attention to in the whole process of actual operation of laser marking machine. Laser marking machine uses laser equipment to carry out marking, the actual effect of its production and processing of goods is not easy to dissipate due to the elements of the natural environment, but its production and processing of natural environment or must pay attention to. The natural environment, temperature and humidity of the production and processing site should meet the requirements to ensure that the site environment is clean and tidy, and the cabinet table should also be kept clean and tidy in the work, so as to ensure that the production and processing raw materials will not be polluted by the environment, and reduce the pollution level of the arm. Identification scope of CO2 laser marking machine: suitable for a variety of non-metallic materials, such as bamboo, wooden furniture, printing paper, fabric, leather products, plexiglass board, epoxy resin, acrylic board, unsaturated fat polyurethane resin, pearl shell, etc. It can be widely used in a variety of fields, such as craft products, furniture, leather products, clothing, outdoor advertising light box, model design, food packaging materials, electronic components, medical equipment, printing plate, chassis factory name plate, etc.
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The identification scope of UV laser marking machine: available electronic components, electronic devices and communication equipment, household appliances, food packaging materials, molds, cables and wires, kitchenware, jewelry, luggage and leather accessories buckle, solar power vacuum solenoid valve, solar power line drawing, mobile communication, integrated circuit chip (IC), electric welder household appliances, myopia glasses clock Hardware products, aerospace components, high precision equipment, plastic function keys, auto parts, PVC pipes, decorative building materials, computer accessories, stainless steel products, industrial rolling bearings, clock ultraviolet laser marking machine and other fields.
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The most likely reason is the instability of laser output power, but there are many reasons for the instability of laser output power. The laser marking machine mainly describes the movement track of the identifier, while the dot matrix laser marking machine describes some key movement track points of the identifier. Therefore, under the condition of the same kinetic energy, the printing speed of the new dot matrix laser marking machine is faster. When the laser marking rate is set too fast, it will show the instability of laser marking.
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The light spot mode of the laser changes and begins to decline. In this case, the laser marking card needs to be replaced. Maybe the power line of the laser generator and the power supply system of the laser generator need to be replaced. The actual situation depends on the actual situation.