Famous brand manufacturer of laser marking machine

Laser marking field has become more and more popular, because laser marking machine can save costs, environmental protection, low maintenance costs, these advantages, now manufacturing enterprises have gradually changed from marking machine to laser marking machine to carry out practical operation, in order to achieve the actual effect of cost saving and cost saving.

Laser marking machine is generally divided into: optical fiber line, CO2, end pump red, green, ultraviolet laser marking machine, they carry out laser lettering machine and micro production processing for different materials, carry out burning on the surface of chemical substances, protect the environment and have permanent impression. And not easy to damage, marking machine is not the same, will drop ink, pipe will be blocked, the impression is not always able to erase. Compared with the laser marking method of inkjet printer, the advantages of laser marking and manual engraving depend on the wide application range and the permanent high-quality logo of various chemical substances (metal materials, laminated glass, porcelain, plastic, leather products, etc.). There is no interaction force on the surface of product workpiece, no deformation of mechanical equipment, and no erosion on the surface of chemical substances. Laser marking machine can carve a variety of non-metallic materials by hand. It is used in clothing accessories, medical equipment, wine packaging, ceramics, beverages, textile laser cutting, rubber and plastic products, chassis factory nameplates, process products, electronic components, leather products and other fields.

Here, I suggest you to pay attention to the following factors when purchasing laser marking machine:
CO2 laser marking machine

Compare the goods, take samples to carry out testing and marking, the samples are complete, the price is affordable, the quality is solid, and the after-sales maintenance service should be in time for about half a month in the field. However, if the manufacturer changes to independently develop the laser generator, the maintenance will quickly include the above three points. The famous brand manufacturers that can be easily purchased are: Han's laser, Huagong laser, Dehui optics, etc, They can buy their laser marking machine with ease.

The optical wavelength of fiber line laser marking machine is 1064nm, which can produce and process a variety of metal and non-metal materials. Especially in the identification of raw materials with high toughness, high melting point and ductility, fiber line laser marking machine belongs to non-contact production and processing, no damage to goods, numerous control blade damage, high cost-effective identification, fine laser, low consumption of raw materials for production and processing, small thermal hazard zone for production and processing, high production and processing efficiency, computer system control, high efficiency, high cost-effective identification Easy to complete automation technology.
Jewelry laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is especially integrated into the sales market of meticulous production and processing. It can mark the surface of plastic packaging bottles of skin care products, drugs, decorations and other fiber materials with meticulous actual effect, clear and firm identification, better than printing ink bar code and environmental protection; Soft PCB laser marking, area; Silicon wafer microporous plate, buried hole production and processing.

Optical fiber line laser marking machine has high cost performance, which can produce and process a variety of metal materials and non-metal materials. It is one of the common machines and equipment in many fields of production and processing!