From health code to laser code in business card printing industry

During the epidemic period, when going to and from houses, office buildings, banks, shops and other places, you should always show your health code, pass and other information. And taking public transportation, subway and other means of transportation, also need to scan code registration.

So do you know how these QR codes are marked?


Many of them are laser marking


Laser marking has the characteristics of fast marking speed, good marking effect, long durability, green environmental protection, low cost and anti-counterfeiting. It is suitable for business card printing, packaging, medical and other fields.


With the emergence of all kinds of "code" and "number", laser code is widely used. For example: business card printing also need to mark two-dimensional code, bar code, job number, serial number and other information. The Laser marking machine emits laser to mark words and figures on the surface of materials. It is widely used, can be metal and non-metallic materials.


For business card printing mark, you need to mark serial numbers, patterns and other codes on the card. And Laser marking machine effect is exquisite, unity, no consumables, high efficiency, in the business card printing marking has great advantages.

Universal infrared marking machin

Modular design, low power consumption and small size; The laser output is stable, the adjustable frequency range is wide, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high.

Split marking machine

Split design, the laser can move away from the control table; The whole machine is simple and compact, with perfect alarm information processing function, and can cooperate with the long-term stable production line.

Two position UV / green marking machine

The double position rotary marking table can effectively improve the work efficiency by feeding and marking at the same time. The worktable can be used with infrared, green and ultraviolet laser heads.

Single station UV / green marking machine

It has perfect laser protection system, which can effectively avoid laser damage to human body. The design of the whole machine is simple and beautiful, in line with the principle of ergonomics. Laser marking is widely used in key processing, plastic shell marking, jewelry, hardware, electronic components, precision parts and other industries.