From zero to DIY

I was born in mechanical structure design, because of my technical major and position. I always have a deep feeling for mechanical equipment and mechatronics. After many years of deposition and tempering, I am now considered as a novice in the field( The field is really too abstruse. It's not easy for beginners to be sincere.)

In the first two years after graduation, I did all my work in the level of mechanical processing and manufacturing. Two years later, because I touched the product development of non-standard mechanical equipment, I found that it was always the design scheme of mechanical processing and manufacturing and structure. My professional knowledge and working ability were very limited, and there were weak points in the knowledge structure. Therefore, I studied the professional knowledge of household appliances and programming by self-study, After learning PLC as a foundation and integrating mechanical and electrical engineering, my skills soared and I gradually stepped into the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering. In 2017, I touched Arduino by accident, but gradually I didn't go deep. After learning C language for more than a year intermittently, I entered the embedded learning of C51 single chip microcomputer design. When I was a novice, I didn't know what to do.

When I picked up ardion again, I was surprised to find that on this open source platform, I used Arduino's open source system management system to integrate mechanical structure design for many years. If I was not familiar with programming, I could DIY out the small control modules and small devices I always wanted to make. It is an arduinouno novice computer motherboard, the role and main parameters of the basin are interested in friends, you can search on the Internet about the material.

It is an arduinomega2560 upgrade computer motherboard with complete functions.

A set of xyze multi axis fitness exercise, including: writing machine, laser marking, laser cutting, CNC, three-dimensional printer, is the mechanical and electrical integration enthusiasts yearning equipment.
Computer laser engraving machine

It is a writing machine with XY axis construction and Z axis pen lifting, which is searched on the Internet.

It is a laser marking machine with XY axis structure, a contrast writing machine, and a laser control module with pen tip.
plastic laser engraving machine for sale

It is a CNC with XYZ axis structure, and a spindle bearing which can rotate quickly is installed on the Z axis.

It is a small and medium-sized three-dimensional printer. It has the same XYZ axis as many other devices in front of it. The difference is that it is equipped with an extrusion machine to extrude and print three-dimensional raw materials.

In fact, all the equipment shown above can be made by DIY. For those who have basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, they can easily win. For those who have no basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, they can also be made by learning and collecting information.
laser engraving machine for wood

In order to make it easier for those who have to and are interested in making their own multi axis devices, I will work with you in the back lane, from the overall design to the programming adjustment, to make the devices bit by bit from scratch, In the whole process, I will also explain some difficulties encountered in the production process to those who care and ask questions.

In order to make the first equipment simply, I chose the laser marking laser cutting equipment, which is a XY two axis equipment. Although the laser cutting head has certain risk factors, we only need to pay attention to the actual operation and be careful to avoid the possible risk. The main purpose of laser marking laser cutting is universal, After making it, you can engrave your love on printed paper, block and plastic.