Give parents a health care Laser marking machine marking baby supplies

Many of the scales and the manufacturer's logo engraved on the glass bottle are printed, but they will fall or blur with the passage of time, and may dissolve when the bottle is washed with boiling water. However, at present, the advanced Laser marking machine is used to mark the scale and logo of the milk bottles. The new marking technology is used to mark the milk bottles with different sizes and shapes. The automatic loading and unloading mechanism, including automatic visual positioning, 360 rotation marking, and simple manual loading and unloading processing can be selected.


The reaction mechanism of Laser marking machine for milk bottle is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, breaking the bonding between atoms or molecules by laser energy, making them become small molecules to vaporize and evaporate. The equipment is easy to operate, stable and reliable, no consumables, this new type of marking processing equipment is popular with manufacturers.


Because of the particularity of the industry of mother and baby products, both pregnant and pregnant women and infants require products to be mild and natural, free of pollution and irritation, even the batch number of production date on the packaging box may be treated with caution. Consumers are very strict in the quality of products, so the advantages of environmental protection and sanitation of Laser marking machine are particularly favored by the merchants.


The marking mark and two-dimensional code of the Laser marking machine for the packaging of milk powder and milk powder can be clearly visible, and will not be wiped for a long time. Every consumer can scan the two-dimensional code of one milk powder with mobile phone, and can find out the product name, production date, production batch, production line, quality guarantee date and qualification of each can of milk powder, so that the majority of mothers can easily Assured for their baby to buy milk powder, but also to many parents a guarantee.