Global sheet metal laser welding machine

As time goes by, people's understanding of laser welding technology today is that positive laser pulse is used to locally heat the material area, and the energy diffuses to the material through heat conduction to make the material melt and form a specific molten pool for welding. Laser welding is to improve the welding efficiency, while reducing the cost is the company's choice. The promotion of laser welding machine is more important than ever, It's easy to get and withstand, and it moves much faster than other welding processes. The obvious advantages of CO laser cutting machine technology over other methods are: good cutting quality. The width of the incision is narrow, and it is generally narrow. Today, the editor of Wenzhou Pentium laser company introduces to you:


Which good laser coder and printer is the laser printer and the printer which is good? High resolution inkjet is also called high resolution inkjet and high resolution printer. The nozzle is the same way as the printer used in the office. It belongs to DOD type. Many small aperture holes are arranged in the nozzle densely. This characteristic determines that the machine generally uses oily ink, while oily ink is only sprayed on absorbent materials, such as paper without film coating The ink will dry quickly if the wood is not covered with film. Ink drying time will be longer if sprayed on non absorbent materials such as plastics or metals. When applying the automatic welding and welding consistency, the laser welding process is the choice considered by the company to improve the welding efficiency and reduce the cost. The laser welding is easier to obtain and bear than before, and its moving speed is much faster than other welding processes. In the application of automatic welding with welding consistency, in order to effectively improve the working efficiency and improve the working efficiency of laser welding machine, Reducing cost is an important factor in all welding applications. Place the object to be carved under it, and enter the pattern on the mobile app to start carving. The body size is * * mm, and the weight is only G.


Because of the laser welding machine application, it is an unknown or undeveloped option for manufacturers. Because laser welding is non-contact welding, it does not need external pressure of welding workpiece, so it can better protect the original shape and physical characteristics of welding workpiece and protect the integrity of the surface. Excellent laser equipment manufacturers can solve these welding process problems better, which is conducive to improve the welding quality, thus reducing the welding cost of users, improving the speed and production efficiency. The problem of eye protection of laser cutting machine. There will be some radiation problems when laser cutting machine is working, of course, these radiation are in the control range under normal conditions.


Enterprises usually focus on technological progress to achieve these goals, but many operations may not consider laser welding, or think laser welding costs too high or too complex. At present, with the development of laser welding machine application technology, it is easier to obtain and undertake than ever before. The process has obvious advantages in production efficiency, and can achieve rapid return on investment, especially for the application of sheet metal welding in high-tech enterprises. The laser beam with high processing efficiency and computer control can move at a high speed of up to meters / second, and the marking process can be completed in seconds. The printing of standard computer keyboard can be completed in seconds.


The selection of shielding gas directly affects the quality, efficiency and cost of welding production. However, due to the variety of welding materials, the selection of welding gas is also complex in the actual welding process. It is necessary to consider the welding material, welding method, welding position and the required welding effect comprehensively. Only by welding test can more suitable welding gas be selected, Better welding results are achieved. The stability of Laser marking machine is a factor that we will consider when choosing Laser marking machine. The stability of Laser marking machine is very important and affects the continuity of industrial production. If high speed welding is carried out, the bad beam structure can cause the problem of bad welding. In laser cutting, the quality and focusing ability of the beam are very important to the quality of the notch itself. Optical fiber Laser marking machine: mainly used in: plastic, electronic, metal, ceramics, tobacco and other materials to mark out the required text, pattern, bar code and other graphics, optical fiber Laser marking machine operation simple and convenient marking speed, clear and other advantages, making the production efficiency of enterprises more efficient. UV laser marking Laser marking machine: the industry used is the same as that of optical fiber Laser marking machine, but the printed text and pattern will be more precise and clear, mainly applied to the main products with higher requirements for text and pattern of enterprises, especially when some fiber Laser marking machines cannot mark the required effect, the special strength of UV Laser marking machine is reflected, Because UV Laser marking machine is a cold light category, many products of optical fiber Laser marking machine can not be marked satisfactory results UV Laser marking machine can generally be marked out.


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