Good dishes will make money! Laser carving to create a marketing exclusive ordering card

Dish brand is a common tool in catering marketing

Excellent dishes can not only strongly guide consumption

And it is an important brand communication carrier

As an important part of brand building

Customized laser engraving machine

Help it to more accurately determine the "taste" of consumers

Create brand marketing exclusive dishes

The dense menu was bloated and messy

Customer patience is limited

What he wants is to go through the menu

You can find what you want

If you waste too much time on ordering

Not only does it affect the ordering experience

It is also easy to lead to the loss of customers

Good dishes make money

The dishes carved by laser are eye-catching

Speed up ordering and reduce customer waiting time

Compared with the paper menu, it is easy to wear and tear

Laser carve wooden dishes are more durable

Non contact laser engraving technology is adopted

The dish name can be engraved on hardwood permanently

Let the cold come and the summer go, time flies are indelible

Small and beautiful restaurant

Simple and characteristic dishes

It's the trend of catering

But the menu is the soul of the restaurant

Even streamlining can be distinctive

Magic laser carving technology

Empowering with unlimited creativity

Simple but not simple laser ordering card

It complements the exquisite restaurant

So as to express the style and taste of the restaurant

CO2 Laser marking machine


  1. Functional features
mini laser engraving machine for metal

Using RF laser, the light spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform, and the output optical power is stable, which meets the mainstream market application demand;


Digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, with high speed, excellent stability and international advanced performance;

The control motherboard and upper software can make a variety of data optimization processing according to different processes, support multi language one key switching, support up to 256 color layer management and other functions, and meet the application process requirements of most industries in the market;

laser engraving machine for wood

Separated frame, independent console, compact structure design, free and flexible placement, effectively saving the space of the user's production site;


The optical system adopts double-layer sealing structure to prevent dust from entering the optical cavity and improve the service life and efficiency of the core devices.


  1. Applicable materials


Wood materials, greeting cards, leather, rubber, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastic, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and other non-metallic materials.


  1. Process display