Green laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine

UV / green laser marking machine belongs to a kind of product of laser marking machine series, and it is also a kind of laser cutting processing technology developed by brand-new products. Because the traditional laser marking machine selects laser, which is heat treatment technology, it has a restrictive development trend to improve the indoor space in the level of detail, As everyone knows, the selection of UV laser marking machine is a kind of cold drawing, so the fineness and thermal hazard are minimized.

Because of the high-efficiency energy molecular structure of ultraviolet radiation, we immediately get rid of the molecular structure on the metal materials or non-metal materials that must be produced and processed. However, the molecular structure is separated from the raw materials due to this elimination, which makes it difficult to generate heat, Because it's not easy to cause heat generation, the ultraviolet laser cutting method becomes cold drawing, which comes from the difference with the traditional laser. UV / green laser marking machine is led by its unique low output power laser, especially integrated into the high-end sales market of ultra meticulous production and processing. The surface laser marking of plastic packaging bottles of skin care products, drugs, food and other fiber materials has fine actual effect, clear and firm identification, better than printing ink bar code and zero pollution;

Soft PCB laser marking, area; Silicon wafer microporous plate, buried hole production and processing; LCD panel two-dimensional code laser marking, laminated glass surface hole, metal surface coating laser marking, plastic function keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building decoration materials. Shenzhen dongchengpeng Laser High Tech Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a high-tech company of laser cutting equipment in China, which integrates product development, production and manufacturing, marketing and service projects. It focuses on laser processing technology product development, laser cutting equipment design, product development, production and manufacturing, service support, service projects and information.
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The main business commodities include: optical fiber laser cutting, laser welding equipment, laser marking machine, field specific and automation technology laser cutting equipment, etc., which are used in electronic devices, IC chips, welder household appliances, lighting equipment, jewelry, hardware tools, sanitary ware, instrument equipment, auto parts, mobile communication components, molds, precision machinery and equipment Medical machinery, it digital, plastic shell, military airline components, clothing leather products, craft products, design and decoration, solid model, kitchenware, kitchenware, kitchen supplies and other fields.
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Dong Chengpeng laser's product quality is stable and reliable. It has a professional R & D department and pursues perfect and exquisite quality. At the same time, Dong Chengpeng laser also provides customers with immediate and warm pre-sale service, in sale and after-sale maintenance service and exquisite and cost-effective goods. Dong Chengpeng laser has won the trust and praise of many customers according to the operation and management concept of "assisting customers to succeed, creating wealth model and creating a big brand of service project in the field of industrial production laser cutting equipment".

1、 Advantages of laser marking machine

1. Saving lamp

The diode has a long life of up to three years, measured by eight hours of daily work.

2. Energy saving

The function loss of laser marking machine is only 2kW, and the power consumption is low.
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3. The logo is good

The laser produced by hydraulic piston pump has good monochromatic property, good laser mode, small spot after focusing, centralized kinetic energy and good identification. Open the rear cover of the housing

4. Maintenance free

Laser marking machine is basically maintenance free, greatly increasing the reliability of machinery and equipment, reducing the amount of daily maintenance labor.