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Guangzhou tianjixing laser marking machine is lured (excited) out of the light quantum beam (laser), in which the light quantum electron optical characteristics are highly consistent. Therefore, compared with the general lamp source, the laser has better monochromaticity, specificity and chromaticity. Shenzhen tianjixing laser equipment Co., Ltd. is a new technology enterprise which is committed to the development, manufacturing and marketing of new products such as laser marking machine, optical fiber laser cutting and laser lettering machine. The enterprise adheres to the enterprise concept of "erudite, prosperous and Dade", and shares the advantages of honesty and trustworthiness

The light emitted by the emerald laser generator on the moon causes a light intensity of about. Lux (light intensity enterprise). The color is bright red, and the laser spot is visible to the human eye.

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There are some laser generators that can produce lasers of different frequencies at the same time, but these lasers are mutually protective and separate in application. Secondly, laser is coherent light. The characteristic of coherent light is that all the light waves are in the same step, and the whole beam of light is like a "wave train".

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The chromaticity is extremely high. Before the invention of laser, the chromaticity of high-voltage pulse xenon lamp in human lamp source was equal to that of sunlight, while the chromaticity of laser of emerald laser generator was several billion times higher than that of xenon lamp. Because of the high chromaticity of the laser, it can light long-distance objects. Level /: the output power is usually achieved. Staring at this kind of light for a few seconds will cause immediate damage to the macula. Level / (/): can cause immediate damage to both eyes under exposure.

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The wavelength of the visible part of the solar radiation is about μ M to μ M, the matching hue is from bright red to blue purple, so natural light is not monochromatic. The light source that sends single color light is called monochromatic light source, and the wavelength of light wave it sends is single. The above condition refers to the condition that the laser irradiates the eyes. If the laser is observed indirectly, the dingdal effect of all the following lasers is not easy to cause harm to the eyes., With the increase of batch production and independent development and design of domestic fiber laser cutting, and the production and manufacturing of foreign enterprises in China's cultural integration, the commodity difference and price difference between the two become smaller. Customers' recognition of domestic mobile phones continues to improve, accounting for as much as% of China's sales market in.

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The basic principle of laser to remove facial small moles is to put the great kinetic energy emitted by the laser in a flash into the melanin mechanism, smash and dissolve the melanin, so that it can be occupied by macrophages, and then it will be discharged out of the body with the lymphatic system software, so as to achieve the goal of removing melanin.

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The second key characteristic of differential laser is: the compressive strength of laser (i.e. output power). For example, the compressive strength of diode laser used in diagnostics is only several milliwatts, which can sometimes be used in laser display. The laser used is usually many Thales lasers with medium compressive strength.
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Classification of laser weapons: lasers with different power, different output wave type and different optical wavelength will cause different destructive power and damage effect when interacting with different overall target raw materials.

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The key of laser air communication push machine is composed of laser generator (lamp source), optical demodulator, electronic optical transmission wireless antenna (lens), etc; The key of receiving machine is composed of electronic optical receiving wireless antenna, light detector and so on. When the information content is pushed, it is first converted into electricity, and then deployed on the laser generated by the laser generator by the optical demodulator, and sent out through the electronic optical wireless antenna.
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Enterprises give laser equipment and non-standard automatic decision-making program.

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With the continuous improvement of semiconductor material laser generator, the gradual improvement of electronic optical antenna manufacturing technology and the rational use of technology such as reducing the number, laser air communication is once again glowing with vitality.
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The laser of the effective design scheme of Guangzhou tianjixing laser marking machine can absorb the kinetic energy released by the laser according to the concentration of melanin cells and hemoglobin in the skin, especially the water digestion and absorption, and cause the photothermal effect to convert it into calorific value, and then stimulate the collagen, protoprotein and cultivation matrix of newborn caused by the cultivation matrix such as chemical fiber in cow hide, It is just like giving lazy skin exercise to make it shine young again according to exercise. After many times, the skin moisture content and extensibility are improved, the material quality is improved, and the skin moisture content is slightly reduced. The writing key of fiber line laser marking machine is composed of laser generator, vibrating camera lens and laser marking card. The laser engraving machine that uses fiber laser generator to produce laser has high cost performance ratio, and its output management center is. The service life of the whole machine is about ten thousand hours, which is relatively longer than that of other types of laser marking machines, Compared with other types of laser marking machines, the conversion efficiency of% -% is very high, and it has outstanding characteristics in green environmental protection.