Hand carved materials of UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine can mark or laser cut non-metallic materials such as metal materials, plastics and laminated glass. It is used in semiconductor materials, electronic and electrical chassis, laser marking of auto parts, deep processing of glass, marking of medical devices and rubber products, etc.

The key component of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is the ultraviolet laser generator, which has its unique advantages in laser cutting: the length of the light wave of the ultraviolet laser generator, small focus, can complete the meticulous production and processing; When the ultraviolet laser generator carries out laser cutting processing, it immediately destroys the ion bond of raw materials, which is a "cold" treatment mode, with small thermal hazard area. Most raw materials can reasonably digest and absorb ultraviolet, and can produce and process many raw materials that can not be processed by infrared and visible laser generator. The full solid ultraviolet laser generator has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, high repetition frequency, no need to replace the vapor body, no mask, easy maintenance and so on. Therefore, it has been widely used in the laser cutting industry, such as biotechnology, raw material manufacturing, all-optical electronic optical components manufacturing, especially in the industrial production of integrated circuit chips and semiconductor materials.

At present, the development trend of ultraviolet laser generator is very fast, and its congenital advantages are gradually revealed. High repetition rate all solid-state laser generator above watt level output power is continuously used in production and processing industry. Scientific research organizations and enterprises all over the world continue to develop towards higher power (tens of watt level) and higher repetition rate (tens or even hundreds of kHz). At this stage, we have developed a 5W, 50KHz ultraviolet 355nm laser generator with a duty cycle of 25ns. Moreover, 10W and 30W samples have stable characteristics, which can be used to draw lines with LED Blue Gem round crystal fragments, and the deep drawing line can reach 200 μ m. Graph limits below 10 μ m. The scratch is smooth and symmetrical, and there is basically no heat hazard area.
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Advantages of laser marking machine.

1. Permanent:

The label of laser marking machine is not easy to dissipate due to the association of natural environment (touch, acidity and alkalinity, reducing gas, high temperature, ultra-low temperature, etc.).

2. Anti counterfeiting identification:
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It is not easy to copy and change the laser marking machine's technical hand carved logo, which has strong anti-counterfeiting logo at a certain level.

3. Non contact type:

Laser engraving is a kind of pedal type "laser knife" to carry out production and processing. It can print the mark on all standard or irregular surface. After laser marking, the product workpiece is not easy to cause thermal stress, so as to ensure the original precision of the product workpiece.
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There is no erosion, no damage of "NC blade", no harmful substances and no pollution to the surface in the work.

4. Wide range of application:

Using laser as production and processing mode, we can produce and process a variety of metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wooden furniture, etc.).

5. High precision of hand carving:

Laser marking machine hand carved objects with fine pattern, the minimum graphic limit can reach 0.04mm. The logo is clear, long-term and beautiful. Laser marking can achieve the requirement of printing a lot of data information on very small plastic products.

For example, two-dimensional bar code with more accurate regulations and higher image quality can be printed.