Han's CO2 laser flight marking machine

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's consumption level, the speed requirements of production line are also constantly improving. Manufacturers need more efficient and intelligent laser marking equipment to code their products with high quality. As an efficient and professional marking equipment, Han's CO2 laser flight marking machine can code your products with high quality.

CO2 laser is a kind of gas laser, the wavelength of which is 9.3 ~ 10.6 μ m. It belongs to the mid infrared band. CO2 laser has high power and high electro-optic conversion efficiency, which is the highest power laser at present.

CO2 laser uses CO2 gas as working material, and fills CO2 and other auxiliary gases into discharge tube. When high voltage is added on the electrode, glow discharge will be generated in discharge tube. Therefore, the gas molecules can release laser, and laser processing can be carried out after the released laser energy is amplified.

Advantages of CO2 laser flight marking machine

Laser flight marking technology is a cutting-edge and advanced technology. Han's laser CO2 laser flight marking machine has high marking efficiency, and the marked information has the characteristics of long-term preservation, high anti-counterfeiting and high quality. At the same time, Han's CO2 laser flight marking machine can mark on plastics, wood, glass and other materials.
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Laser flight marking belongs to non-contact processing, the whole processing process of laser marking will not cause other damage to the external packaging of goods, there is no waste of ink consumables, and there will be no environmental pollution caused by exhaust emissions. In addition, the laser marking machine has no consumables, no harmful gas emissions in the processing process, so the whole process of marking is pollution-free, very environmental protection. The power consumption of the whole machine is low, and the total cost is relatively low.

1. Han's laser flight marking machine co2-f55e
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Co2-f55e laser flight marking machine is mainly used for on-line high-speed marking of nonmetal packaging. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel sheet metal, mainly composed of laser main beam, main control cabinet and lifting bracket. 2. Han's laser flight marking machine co2-f30e

Co2-f30e is mainly suitable for general phase III flight marking of non-metallic materials, such as cartons (boxes, labels), plastic bottles, flexible packaging films (bags), coated metal covers (boxes, cans), glass bottles, ceramic bottles, wood, etc., and can be used for data communication marking.

3. Han's laser flight marking machine co2-f20e

Co2-f20e laser flight marking machine adopts CO2 gas laser, which is widely used in the packaging and marking of products in tobacco, food, medicine, chemical industry and building materials industries, so as to replace traditional ink and dissolve the code.
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Since the establishment of the management and development headquarters of laser packaging and marking industry of ethnic minorities in 2004, based on the excellent laser light source, marking control card and marking software technology of the group company, the characteristics of laser online marking have been deeply studied. Combined with the practice and experience in the field of laser online marking for many years and the accumulation of technology, the company has been developing and innovating continuously, and has its own technical advantages Leading the industry application trend. Up to now, the market share of the laser of the ethnic group is the first.