How about laser marking machine for metal materials?

Metal material identification refers to the whole process of using high-density laser to carry out identification on the surface of metal manufacturing. It is common to mark on stainless steel plate, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy and other metal composite materials. The key of fiber laser marking machine is metal composite. Especially in the use of stainless steel materials and many metal parts, such as the production date, two-dimensional bar code and logo of commodity enterprises, can make the commodity have high flash point and high characteristics. According to the attention, output power and time of laser operation, fiber line laser marking machine can carry out different actual effect and specified laser marking on stainless steel plate. In addition, the fiber line laser marking machine can also print excellent marks. According to the simple change of photothermal power generation, the surface layer of stainless steel plate can be marked in various colors with fiber line laser printer. The basic principle of this product is that the optical fiber line laser marker produces a thin and accurate air oxide film on the surface of stainless steel plate. Because of the transmission effect, different thin air oxide film can show different colors.

How to improve the output of fiber line laser marking machine in the identification, we must accurately cooperate with each other in the case of setting the main parameters, in order to achieve the ultimate laser marking. So what are the elements that can harm the economic benefits of our fiber line laser marking machine?
Metal laser engraving machine

1. The intensity of the mark of the optical fiber line laser marking machine

2. According to the light spot of the concentrator, the smaller the light spot, the faster the operation speed. It is because of its small size. In particular, due to other influences, it is very likely that the light spot quality will be slightly damaged.
laser engraving machine for metal

3. The size of the marking content of the fiber line laser marking machine, large content laser marking, will make the scanning galvanometer offset to a larger, to maximize the profit of laser marking. But this is much slower than laser marking with less content.

4. The relative density of the mark of fiber line laser marking machine, and the relative time of concentrated laser marking is much longer than that of rare laser marking. In the same format laser marking, the rare laser marking only needs two minutes of ultraviolet laser marking machine, while the intensive laser marking may take five minutes, and the relative density of the base mark is higher after all.

If the depth of laser marking on the surface of raw materials is higher, it is necessary to increase the parameter configuration to improve the laser output power. It will take a certain time to mark the depth, resulting in the slow down of the overall laser marking speed.