How do I get a fiber laser?

The difference between fiber laser and semiconductor laser is that they emit laser with different medium materials. The gain medium used in fiber laser is fiber, and the gain medium used in semiconductor laser is semiconductor material, such as gallium arsenide, indium gallium, etc( Similarly, the gain medium of solid-state laser is usually crystal or glass, ceramics, etc. The purpose of gas is to make

As the representative of the third generation laser technology, fiber laser has the following advantages:

(1) Glass fiber has the advantages of miniaturization and intensification due to its low manufacturing cost, mature technology and optical fiber flexibility;
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(2) Glass fiber does not need strict phase matching as crystal for incident pump light, which is due to the glass matrix stark

The non-uniform broadening caused by splitting results in wider absorption band;

(3) Glass material has very low volume area ratio, fast heat dissipation and low loss, so it has high up conversion efficiency and low laser threshold;

(4) The output laser has many wavelengths: This is because the energy levels of rare earth ions are very rich and there are many kinds of rare earth ions;
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(5) Tunability: due to the wide energy level of rare earth ions and the wide fluorescence spectrum of glass fiber.

(6) Because there is no optical lens in the resonator of fiber laser, it has the advantages of no adjustment, no maintenance and high stability, which is unmatched by traditional laser.

(7) Fiber export makes the laser easily competent for various multi-dimensional arbitrary space processing applications, and makes the design of mechanical system very simple.
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(8) Competent for harsh working environment, with high tolerance of dust, vibration, impact, humidity and temperature.

(9) No thermoelectric refrigeration and water cooling, only simple air cooling.

(10) High electro-optic efficiency: the comprehensive electro-optic efficiency is as high as 20%, greatly saving power consumption and operating cost.

(11) At present, the commercial fiber laser with high power is 6kW.