How do you engrave granite by hand?

Need alloy steel chisel, electric saw, file, pneumatic hammer

be careful:

In the later stage of stone carving production, the tools used in the back should be removed from the traces of the tools used in the front.
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Choose the saw suitable for the type of stone. The function of the saw is to remove the redundant part in the stone. Hard stones such as granite and marble usually require electric saws. Small hand saws such as keyholes and bow saws can be used for soft materials such as gypsum and saponite.

Choose an axe chisel tool with a hammer. The function of the axe chisel tool is to initially outline the stone. The goal of this step is to cut out large pieces of rock. The heavier the stone, the heavier the hammer. Most of the hammers used in stone carving are made of 2-4 pounds of steel.
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Add several chisels. Please note that the size of the flat chisel is different from that of the toothed chisel. Each has different functions, so try to find the chisel that best suits your technology, design and original shape and size of the stone.

Try various grades of rasps and files. A file is sometimes called a curved file. The thicker the grade, the larger the teeth. When the hard stone is initially smooth, medium and coarse files can be selected, while the soft stone can be used with more fine files.
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When carving granite, choose the portable tool box with carbon head. There should be chisel, file and rasp in the box. Electric tools, such as pneumatic hammers or chisels, may also be needed. Granite is the hardest stone and needs heavy tools.

I do sculpture in Quyang County, Hebei Province. If you carve granite by hand, you can use alloy steel chisel and angle grinder to add Jinsha cutting piece. You must add water. It's more professional. If you want to buy alloy steel chisel, you can search for alloy chisel or alloy chisel on Taobao. At the beginning of granite carving, chisel slowly. Don't let the chisel get stuck or caught in the stone crack. It won't break. If you have any questions, please take them