How does frequency affect laser cutting?

Laser power and processing speed of laser processing parameters

Laser power and processing speed in laser processing parameters are the two most important parameters in the database of material processing parameters, which are set in percentage form from 0 to 100%( Domestic power is calculated by percentage, but the speed is mostly 0-1000mm / s)
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Laser power refers to the output power of laser, 100% is the maximum laser output power. Generally speaking, higher laser power is needed for dark laser engraving of wood and laser engraving of seal. Conversely, lower laser power is just needed for laser processing of paper materials.

The laser processing speed refers to the moving speed of the laser processing head. The high-speed movement of the laser head corresponds to a shorter laser processing time, and the low-speed movement corresponds to a longer laser processing time. For example, a higher speed (80-100%) is usually selected for large area laser engraving of trolase materials, while the speed should be set within 10% for fine photo engraving on wood, The setting of laser processing parameters will also affect the effect of laser cutting.

The parameters that affect the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine are: cutting height, cutting nozzle model, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty cycle, cutting air pressure and cutting speed.

Hardware conditions include: protective lens, gas purity, plate quality, aggregation mirror and collimation mirror.

Therefore, when we encounter poor quality of fiber laser cutting machine, we should consider the following aspects first:
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1. If the actual cutting height of fiber laser cutting machine is not correct, calibration is required.

2. Check whether the cutting nozzle model and size of the optical fiber home light cutting machine are used incorrectly, if it is correct, check whether the cutting nozzle is damaged and whether the roundness is normal.

3. It is recommended to use a 1.0 diameter cutting nozzle for the optical center inspection of the optical center of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. The focus of the inspection is preferably between -1 and 1. The light point that is hit in this way is small and easy to observe.

4. The protective lens shall be inspected to see if the protective lens of the fiber laser cutting machine is clean, and it is required that there is no water, no oil and no slag. Sometimes, the protection lens fogs due to weather or too cold air.

5. Check whether the focus of the fiber laser cutting machine is set correctly.

If all the above five items are checked and there is no problem, modify the parameters according to the phenomenon pertinence.