How much does a laser engraving machine cost?

Laser machine can be carved or cut, is an economical equipment, CO2 laser tube for energy, combined with electronics, machinery, computer technology developed. The laser head does not come into contact with the workpiece, does not scratch the surface, has small cut seams and has high precision. Ideal for a wide range of processing industries. High-quality and efficient processing results can be achieved for all industries. Suitable for industries: advertising, handicrafts, leather, toys, clothing, models, architectural decoration, computer embroidery tailoring, packaging and paper industry. Suitable materials: a variety of plush fabrics, , wood, bamboo, jade, marble, plexiglass, crystal, plastic, clothing.

DIY laser engraving machine

Brands are different, power is different, quality is different, laser cutting machine prices are also different, generally hundreds of thousands to millions of different, detailed prices can find a hundred super Dieng laser consultation, the url is:

Metal laser engraving machine

Shenzhen Dieng Laser Technology Co. , Ltd. for many years specializing in research and development and sales of metal laser cutting machine, in China's laser cutting machine field has a huge market influence, market share and unique service charm. In 2016, a successful joint venture with the world-renowned laser brand, Swiss Super, was updated to: Baichao Dieng Laser.

The main products of Baichao Dieng laser are: high-power fiber laser cutting machine, medium-power fiber laser cutting machine, widely used in: electric power electrical, automotive manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising signs, automotive decoration, sheet metal production, precision parts, hardware products and other industries.

DIY laser engraving machine

A cheap two or three thousand can be bought, but the speed of carving is slow. Engraving is achieved by moving the workbench X,Y axis.
There is also a mirror scanning method of engraving machine, engraving speed is faster, the price of about 50,000 yuan.

Depending on what material you want to carve on, choose the right equipment for your product.