How much does an Epilog laser cost?

There are various products of laser carving machine in the market, including original imported machines, domestic self-designed and manufactured machines, imported parts assembled in China, professional carving machines, professional marking machines, professional cutting machines, and machines with more than two functions. So how to choose? The following sections suggest the following points or permits to help you think:

1、 What material to carve: according to the different laser generation, Zhengming laser engraving machine can be roughly divided into YAG and CO2. The former is mainly for the application of metal products, while the latter is mainly non-metallic, and the majority of laser equipment in the market is later.

2、 The product content to be processed: Zhengming laser equipment can be roughly divided into three types: carving, cutting and marking in different use modes. Basically, some are special machines, some are various functions, and should be selected according to the main requirements.

3、 Product size to be processed: that is, the choice of the size of laser engraving machine, but it is not necessarily good to note that the machine size is not necessarily good, because the equipment with large format is certainly expensive, while some poor quality machine equipment has unstable laser output average at various points on the large format, which makes the carving products of the same table different, So it's right to choose the most appropriate format.
DIY laser engraving machine

4、 Laser tube power: according to the different materials and contents of carving, the appropriate number of laser tube tiles should be selected. For example, the engraving of acrylic and bichromatic plates does not require too much laser tube power, but for example, the carving of wood and stone and cutting of any material may require a high-power laser tube, so that the result of half work can be achieved.
Fiber laser engraving machine

5、 Speed: in a short time, more products can be produced at a faster speed to create higher profits. Therefore, the speed of speed is often the key to whether orders can be received and whether to make money.
Computer laser engraving machine

6、 Precision: the biggest difference between laser carving and traditional carving equipment and manual carving is high precision. At present, only the epilog laser equipment in the United States has reached 1200 DPI in the world, and other imported brands and a few domestic products can reach 1000 DPI. Some domestic equipment still have low precision.

7、 After sales service: after sales maintenance service of machine and equipment is very important, but people often fall into a wrong myth. We always think that domestic machines are produced in China, so parts are made quickly and conveniently. It is not clear that the imported laser equipment with good quality is not easy to damage, so there will be no need for frequent maintenance, On the contrary, the machine with poor quality often damaged, so it is necessary to pay special attention to this.