How much does it cost to buy a laser cutting machine?

In order to meet the production demand, more and more enterprises begin to choose laser cutting machine for processing. In the first consultation, many people will directly ask, how much is a laser cutting machine? It's really hard for our salesmen. The model and configuration of the equipment affect the price. I really can't answer this question at the beginning. I'll analyze it with you slowly. Next time, you'll know how to ask the price professionally.

At present, there are many laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the price of laser equipment is similar, but the price is always inseparable from the following three points:


  1. The accessories of laser cutting machine, such as laser, power, motor, laser head, gear rack, format, etc., are different. Of course, the price is also different. Therefore, before choosing to purchase laser cutting machine, you should figure out what kind of functional equipment you need, It also depends on the service life of the accessories and whether the daily consumables are within the acceptable range.
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  1. Different processing materials can also affect the price of laser cutting machine. For different materials, their shapes and materials can affect the selection of laser cutting machine. For materials with high toughness and increased thickness, cutting of these materials requires some high-power laser cutting machine equipment. For the increase of power, the accessories of laser cutting machine should be increased accordingly, It also affects prices. Some customers don't know much about laser cutting machine, and they don't know how to choose the configuration when they buy it. Because of the low price, they choose low configuration equipment, which can't meet the cutting demand in the future.


  1. Brand also affects the price. A company with a well-known brand has a different price orientation for its laser cutting machine. Manufacturers of high-end brands will have good after-sales service, and their equipment will be guaranteed. In the process of using the machine, there will be a little problem more or less due to improper use or other external factors. Therefore, the price of laser cutting machine is not the same, After sales is also an important factor to consider.


Xintian laser has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of laser cutting machine, Laser marking machine, laser welding machine and supporting automation system. It is a professional customized laser industrial application solution provider. The company implements 24-hour after-sales consulting service to solve various problems in the process of after-sales. In addition, Xintian laser carries out regular return visit to all customers every year to repair the equipment, and provides technical support services at any time, which solves the customers' worries.

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Will everything be fine when you buy the machine and wait for the profit? In fact, it's not like this. When you buy the machine home, you have to pay more attention to daily work, and there is also a maintenance investment.


Daily production according to the requirements of standard operation, not overload operation, can reduce the occurrence of machine failure, in addition, regular maintenance of the machine, regular maintenance of the machine, can also extend the service life of the machine, these are also the input cost of laser cutting machine.