How much is robot laser welding machine

Now there are many professional equipment will get the support of science and technology, and after using it, it can also show very good results. For the areas in need, this is a very noteworthy thing. Now many areas will use laser equipment, and now the utilization rate of laser is also very high, such as laser welding machine, It is also used frequently, so what type of device is it? What kind of equipment is laser welding machine? Today, we, Wenzhou Pentium laser company, introduce to you:


  1. Specific role
plastic laser engraving machine

The development of the times will indeed drive the progress of a lot of equipment, which is a very normal thing. There is no need to worry too much. When it comes to laser welding machine, the professionalism of this equipment is very strong, because it has good welding ability, can achieve welding effect for many materials, and can also process the effect. It is one of the equipment with very high performance. Strictly abide by the safe operation rules of laser cutting machine. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser startup procedure. There are two kinds of vibration in metal laser cutting machine. One is the vibration of the equipment itself, which affects the cutting effect. Second, external equipment, such as exhaust fan, water tank, etc. It is easy to make the equipment vibrate.


mini laser engraving machine for metal
  1. Principle of use

Good for the manufacturers to save costs. May not have contact with the Laser marking machine friends do not know that Laser marking machine is divided into several, the working principle is also different, the following is a detailed introduction. Any equipment can be used smoothly and naturally because the effect after use is very good, and the work efficiency during use is also very good, as well as the working principle. Therefore, it will get the public's attention and popularization. If the laser welding machine is used, it is also very convenient. If this equipment is used, Mainly using laser to bring welding effect, and can bring precise control, the benefits are also very good. With it, you can easily carve a personal brand logo or cute small pattern on these desserts. The object to be carved does not have to be a plane. It is also possible to have a certain arc of bulge or depression. And the Laser marking machine can be used in different shapes of glass bottles for rapid marking, and the use of low cost, later does not need to use consumables, marking beautiful. Now, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the quality of many products has been continuously improved, so as to meet the use of modern people. For the current welding field, the advantages of welding technology have been effectively played in the improvement of welding technology and equipment. The promotion and use of laser welding machine has changed the previous welding operation method, Now the laser welding machine with what practical application conditions? At present, the laser welding machine has been developed. Through professional development and design, the linear motor used in it has certain operation stability in the actual use process, and the sensor can effectively carry out accurate measurement, and in the operation and use of the laser welding machine, it can effectively control the welding workpiece, so that the workpiece layout is within the preset range, And effectively improve the welding quality, thus reducing the cost of production enterprises, we can see that the welding machine equipment, in the process of using, has many different advantages.

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According to the specific use, the laser engraving machine is divided into different special machines. The structure of the special machine is roughly the same. The laser source emits the laser, and the CNC system controls the laser plug stepper motor to move the laser head, mirror, lens, etc. on the optical elements, so that the focus moves on the X, y, Z axis of the machine, so as to ablate the material. The big difference between laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine is that the tool of laser engraving machine is a complete set of optical elements, while the tool of CNC engraving machine is the carving knife of various entities.


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