How much is tiktok portable fiber Laser marking machine?

Portable fiber Laser marking machine: easy to carry, good marking effect. Tiktok, which was hot and loud, has made many people choose to use Laser marking machine to start business. Laser marking machine has been used to process mobile phone shell, cans, key pendants, craft gifts and other products, which has met the requirements of most people's marking, and has been favored by many people. Do you know how much such a popular portable Laser marking machine costs?


Many people are very interested in the price of portable Laser marking machine, and others will ask: since it is a portable Laser marking machine, will its price be cheaper than the desktop one; In fact, the price of portable Laser marking machine is related to many factors.


  1. Performance: the better the performance of Laser marking machine, the more expensive it is. For portable Laser marking machine, this rule is still useful. After all, if the performance is different but the same price, it is not in line with the market law.


  1. Configuration: the laser and cylinder configuration of Laser marking machine will also affect the price of the marking machine. Generally speaking, the configuration and the price of Laser marking machine show a positive proportion relationship. The higher the configuration, the more expensive the price of portable optical fiber Laser marking machine.


  1. Power: the power of Laser marking machine is related to the equipment configuration of marking machine. Equipment configuration and small Laser marking machine power are a positive proportion relationship, so the power of marking machine is positively related to its price.


  1. Manufacturer: sometimes we will find that the same Laser marking machine is small, power and configuration are the same, but the price gap between Laser marking machines is very large. This is because some manufacturers are rough manufacturing, these manufacturers are selling irregular Laser marking machines, quality is not in line with the specifications, the price is naturally cheap.


  1. Service: after sales service of the manufacturer is very important.


In order to integrate the above five points, it is suggested that when purchasing Laser marking machine equipment, we must consider the price from other factors such as performance, configuration, power, manufacturer and service, and select equipment with higher cost performance. Note: when facing the same machine and equipment, the price is different, you must carefully check whether its quality meets the specifications.