How thick can laser cut?

The laser cutter is 10mmthick.

Laser cutter cutting 10mm thick plate, mainly because the increase in the thickness of the steel plate can easily lead to a decrease in the purity of the incision oxygen, thus affecting the temperature of the cut, the purity of the oxygen flow has a strong impact on the cutting process


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When oxygen flow purity decreases by 0.9%,the iron-oxygen combustion rate decreases by 10%and when purity decreases by 5%, the combustion rate decreases by 37%.

The decrease in combustion rate will greatly reduce the energy input into the cut, reduce the cutting speed, and increase the iron content in the cutting surface liquid layer, thus increasing the viscosity of the slag, resulting in the slag discharge difficulties, so that in the lower part of the cut will appear serious slag, so that the quality of the cut becomes difficult to accept.

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Comparison of commonly used cutting processes:

1,laser cutting

Laser cutting is the use of focused high-power density laser beam irradiation workpiece, so that the exposed material quickly melt, vaporize, ablation or reach the point of ignition, while the high-speed air flow with the beam with the same axis to blow out the molten material, so as to achieve the cutting of the workpiece. CO2 pulse lasers are now commonly used, and laser cutting is one of the methods of thermal cutting.

2,water cutting

Water cutting, also known as water knife, is a high-pressure water jet cutting technology, is a high-pressure water cutting machine. Under the control of the computer can be arbitrarily carved workpieces, and by the material texture of the impact of small. Water cutting is divided into sand-free cutting and sanding cutting.

3,plasma cutting

Plasma arc cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of high temperature plasma arc to partially melt ( )the metal at the cut of the workpiece and excludes the molten metal to form an incision by means of the momentum of high-speed plasma.

4,line cutting

Wire cutting can be divided into fast wire cutting, middle wire cutting, slow wire cutting. Fast-walking wire spark wire cutting wire walking speed of 6to12 m/s,electrode wire for high-speed round-trip movement, cutting accuracy is poor.

In-line wire spark wire cutting is on the basis of fast wire cutting to achieve variable frequency multiple cutting functions, is a new process developed in recent years. Slow-walking wire spark wire cutting wire walking speed of 0.2m/s,electrode wire to do low-speed one-way motion, cutting accuracy is very high.