How to adjust the effect of laser marking in case of double shadow

In the use of Laser marking machine, the phenomenon of ghosting may occasionally appear. The phenomenon of double image in Laser marking machine is that several weak dots are distributed around a strong light spot in the case of continuous light output. In this case, we need to find a feasible way to effectively solve this problem.

  1. Because different Laser marking machine manufacturers have different settings, you can try several delay parameters.
  2. It may be caused by the noise pulse signal. If it is not the above reason, it is caused by the bad transverse mode of the laser. To solve the problem, we need to add a small hole in the cavity, or enlarge the hole after the beam expander. To solve the problem, we need to change the design of the laser cavity.
  3. It is also possible that the emissivity of a certain reflecting element in the optical path is not high (for example, a 0 degree mirror is used for 45 degree reflection) which causes the front and back two reflections. The solution is to use the light bar filter to filter out the small points, and to change the relevant delay parameters, which is generally caused by the insufficient delay of the galvanometer. First of all, check the light. If there is no problem on the light side, look at the control part. The main problem here is whether the computer system has viruses, whether the parameters are correct, and the galvanometer.
  4. First look at the Laser marking machine light spot is not adjusted, and then look at the switch laser delay is not adjusted, and then look at the various optical lenses.

As long as it is a machine, it will have problems. After the failure, many users immediately contact the manufacturer of Laser marking machine and ask them to send someone to solve it. But this not only takes time, but also delays the production progress. If the user can check and find out the reason first, it will save a lot of time and cost. Of course, in case of unsolvable problems, please remember not to change the device of the machine without authorization. It is recommended to find a professional manufacturer for after-sales service.