How to adjust the marking depth when the Laser marking machine is not clear enough

After the Laser marking machine has been used for a long time, the laser intensity may decrease, and the Laser marking machine mark is not clear enough. In this case, don't worry. Solutions: 1. Whether the laser resonator changes; Fine tuning the resonator lens. The output light spot is the best;

  1. Adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the power flow of the acousto-optic power supply;


  1. The laser entering the galvanometer deviates from the center: adjust the laser;


  1. If the current is adjusted to about 20a, the light sensitivity is not enough: krypton lamp aging, replace with a new lamp;


Other reasons:


If the lens is too dirty, use cotton to dip in a little alcohol, and then gently wipe the mirror; If the marking speed is too fast, it can reduce the marking speed and increase the filling density; If the laser power supply current is not turned on or the power flow is too small, turn on the power supply current or turn on the power of the power supply current;


How to adjust the marking depth of Laser marking machine?


First of all, increasing the power of the laser and the laser power of the ultraviolet Laser marking machine can directly improve the depth of laser marking, but the premise of increasing the power is to ensure that the laser power supply, laser water cooler, laser lens, etc. should also be matched with it, and the performance of the relevant accessories should withstand the efficiency after the power is increased, so sometimes the accessories need to be replaced temporarily, But the cost will increase, and the workload or technical requirements will increase.


Secondly, to optimize the laser beam quality, it is necessary to replace the stable laser pump source, laser all mirror and output mirror, especially the internal laser material, crystal end pump laser marking body, etc., which is conducive to improving the laser beam quality, so as to improve the intensity and depth of laser marking.


Then: from the follow-up laser spot processing, the use of high-quality laser group, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, the use of high-quality beam expander, so that the spot after its beam expansion is a perfect spot similar to Gaussian beam. The use of high-quality F - ∝ field mirror makes the passing laser have better focus force and better spot. The energy of the spot is more uniform in the effective format.