How to buy laser marking machine

How to choose a laser marking machine suitable for your company? This needs to be taken into account in a comprehensive way.

Today's laser marking machines are divided into UV laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and so on according to the laser source. They have different actual effects on laser marking materials.

The key lies in the company's laser marking materials. The long wavelength fiber laser marking machine is suitable for hardware, plastic, self-adhesive stickers and other raw materials; CO2 laser marking machine with short wavelength is suitable for bamboo, fabric, porcelain, acrylic board and other raw materials; The raw materials of thermistor are UV laser marking machine with moderate wavelength, such as laminated glass, plastic film, fresh fruit, raw egg, carton, etc. However, the same material can be used in a variety of laser sources, which depends on the detailed level of production and processing requirements, and the actual effect is also difficult to show.

Laser output power is the key factor of laser marking speed and actual effect. UV manual engraving and printing paper, plastic film and plastic, with low output power, manual engraving laminated glass must have UV 3w-5w; For hardware materials, the optical fiber cable is 20W, which is more efficient and needs 30W for high-speed operation. The key parts of laser engraving machine and mobile phone software are all imported from China. Its characteristics and price, service life, reliability and portability are also factors to be considered.

According to the regulations of the precision of the base mark, the actual effect of manual carving, the speed and their mutual cooperation, automation technology, customized fixture, etc., we need to discuss with you, and determine it in the whole process of sample testing and planning, so as to achieve the best feeling of customers and make a qualitative leap for the company's automation technology and personalized customization.

Glass laser engraving machine

Laser marking machine is generally divided into: optical fiber line, CO2, end pump red, green, ultraviolet laser marking machine, they carry out laser lettering machine and micro production processing for different materials, carry out burning on the surface of chemical substances, protect the environment and have permanent impression. And not easy to damage, marking machine is not the same, will drop ink, pipe will be blocked, the impression is not always able to erase. Compared with the laser marking method of inkjet printer, the advantages of laser marking and manual engraving depend on the wide application range and the permanent high-quality logo of various chemical substances (metal materials, laminated glass, porcelain, plastic, leather products, etc.). There is no interaction force on the surface of product workpiece, no deformation of mechanical equipment, and no erosion on the surface of chemical substances. Laser marking machine can carve a variety of non-metallic materials by hand. It is used in clothing accessories, medical equipment, wine packaging, ceramics, beverages, textile laser cutting, rubber and plastic products, chassis factory nameplates, process products, electronic components, leather products and other fields.

Ceramic laser marking machine

I'm here to suggest that you should pay attention to the following factors when purchasing laser marking machines: comparison of goods, sampling for testing and marking, complete samples, affordable prices, solid quality, and timely after-sales service for half a month in the field. However, if you change the manufacturer to independently develop laser generators, The maintenance will be quick, including the above three points. The famous brand manufacturers that can be easily purchased are: Han's laser, Huagong laser, Dehui optics and other enterprises, which can safely purchase their laser marking machines.