How to carve Mini characters with advertisement engraving machine?

How to carve Mini characters with advertisement engraving machine? Engraving machine can be applied in many industries, including agricultural machinery, advertising industry, medical equipment, aerospace, kitchen supplies, safe and other industries. Engraving machine can be divided into mechanical engraving and laser engraving. The scope of application of the two engraving machines is different. Yike United has a number of cutting machines, including mechanical engraving machine and laser engraving machine, to meet the different needs of customers. Well, it's time for us to talk about the knowledge of "how to carve Mini characters with engraving machine".

Common Mini words on the market

Let's start with what are mini words?

The so-called Mini word, also known as super mini word, is a new type of luminous logo product rising in recent years. It is made of all imported polymer materials. It has beautiful and exquisite appearance. It is a new favorite of photoelectric logo in the new era.

Mini luminous characters commonly seen in the market

What are the advantages of mini words?

Beautiful appearance - made by * oblique carving technology, the machine has high precision, high interface coincidence, just like a handicraft, fine and beautiful.


Uniform light-emitting - made of polymer acrylic material, uniform light-emitting, soft and full, bright light is not dazzling.


Luminous three-dimensional - oblique carving before and after the scattered obvious, according to customer needs back hair other colors bright, three-dimensional strong.

Energy saving - led lamp has low power consumption, long service life and low calorific value, which is suitable for long-term work.

Strong weather resistance - it has better resistance to direct sunlight, oxidation and rain erosion than general acrylic.

Low failure rate - the word shell is firm, the LED lamp has 10 years of theoretical life, almost zero failure rate.

What about the application of miniwords?

Mini words are widely used in the company's service desk, store signs, high-end leisure places, mobile phone stores, property management offices and other places.

Display of mini luminous characters commonly seen in the market

How to carve Mini characters with engraving machine?

It is composed of panel, bottom plate and LED light. The panel is made of high polymer acrylic plate by the engraving machine, forming a three-dimensional slope, and then carved out. The bottom plate is made of acrylic plate by laser cutting, and the LED lamp can be installed. Finish with organic glue.


How to carve Mini characters?


  1. When making computer files, CDR software can be used for editing and typesetting. Typesetting should be carried out according to the actual 1:1 specification. The stroke should not be too small. It is guaranteed that the smallest LED module can be put in.


  1. Choice of materials, mini luminous characters using imported polymer acrylic material, the advantage is smooth cutting, no burr.

Put the required materials on the engraving machine, then connect the finished documents to the engraving machine and start working.

  1. The engraving of mini luminous characters is completed in several steps

(1) The back of the word is slotted;

(2) The front hypotenuse of a character;

(3) The front is cut out;

(4) Cut out the bottom plate.

  1. After engraving by professional engraving machine, clean up and install the prepared LED high brightness light source in the slotted area.
  1. After the above steps are completed, package these parts, and then spray your favorite paint color on the side. After drying, make it a complete mini luminous word handicraft.

How to carve Mini characters with engraving machine?

  1. There should be enough space when making documents, so that the smallest LED module can be put in as far as possible.
  1. When carving, pay attention to the front and back, and don't make mistakes.
  1. When spraying paint, cover the front and back with materials such as self-adhesive.

Finally, what's the development trend of mini characters?

Up to now, resin characters have nearly died down, difficult to process, easy to change color, have to slowly withdraw from the market, replaced by the new force of the logo industry, mini luminous characters. The trend of today's logo industry is to develop in the form of high-end, mini luminous words also have high-end quality, so the future is bright.