How to choose and purchase laser marking machine and equipment

First, laser marking machine is a general term for machine equipment. There are three types: metal materials (optical fiber laser marking machine), non-metallic leather products, wood, fabric (CO2 laser marking machine), thermal and economic benefit materials (purple laser marking machine), etc., and for machine equipment such as picosecond laser and femtosecond laser, Temporary division in the thermal and economic benefits of materials.

Second, the scope of the laser marking machine to mark the base also has an impact on the price. The larger the output power to be used in large-scale laser marking, the higher the output power, the higher the cost of the machine and equipment! There are also the working ability and qualification certificate of the enterprise. The lower the cost control of the company, the inability of after-sales maintenance service to keep up with, the low price and poor ability to deal with the on-site problems. In this regard, it is strongly recommended to select companies with a qualification certificate of more than five million( With a registered capital of 5 million, Yongfeng intelligent is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with many years of intensive cultivation in laser field, with professional knowledge, responsibility awareness, technical working experience and service items of over 1000+ customers in certain fields, and has created excellent user evaluation in the field.)

Second, laser marking machine is a detailed set of laser marking machine equipment, which consists of several electronic components and electronic optical electrical original. That is, the application of such components and equipment costs (equipment) are different, such as the most critical part of laser marking machine is laser generator. Overseas prices such as IPG, SPI are higher than JPT, Ruike, etc! No one in the field always feels like a kind, there will be a very large fake ingredients here. There are used laser marking machines on the Internet are very cheap, which are made by small processing plants. People are more valuable than meaning, and things are expensive in quality. What you need is not goods, but the use value of goods. The laser marking machine of high and low-end optical fiber line is (20-80000), CO2 laser marking machine is (3-120000), purple laser marking machine is on and off (40000-18000). At present, it is the approximate price of the field.
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With the continuous development trend of high-tech, many customers understand that laser marking machine as the best laser marking machine equipment at present can improve the efficiency and quality of work. But when selecting laser marking machine enterprises, most of them will be worried about a difficult problem. With the increase of market demand, there are many laser cutting equipment enterprises with size. How can we choose a satisfactory laser marking machine? What are the methods in the case of selection? The following aspects of the intelligent combing of swimming Feng are only for reference.
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1、 Material

We need to consider what materials to carry out laser marking. According to the difference caused by laser, laser marking machine has various types of fiber optic wire and CO2. For metal and non-metallic products, the customer should choose the most suitable laser lettering machine.

2、 Commodities

According to the product demand to be produced and processed, the laser marking machine is selected. Laser cutting equipment can be distinguished from manual carving with different application methods. There are three kinds of laser cutting and laser marking, most of which are special purpose and some are various functions. They should be selected according to key requirements.

3、 Specifications
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Select appropriate equipment width according to the specifications of the goods to be processed. The selection of the width and size of laser marking machine is not that the larger the equipment width is, the better. On the one hand, the machine equipment with large amplitude is naturally expensive, on the other hand, there are some poor quality mechanical equipment in the laser output mean value of various points on the large-scale surface is unstable, which leads to the different laser marking commodities on the same cabinet table, so it is appropriate to select the most appropriate width.

4、 Qualification certificate

Many people usually put the key vitality on the contract and price when choosing laser marking machine, and then ignore some qualification problems of their enterprises. There are some extra inconvenience left in the future work. In the field of laser, there are many kinds of laser marking machine and equipment, such as UV laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, etc., which must be noted in different areas. In the case of selecting laser cutting equipment enterprises, whether there is relevant business license, overall strength of the enterprise scale, whether the technical engineer has professional qualification certificate, etc. is the basic master.

5、 Service items

The market competition in laser field is increasingly fierce. Customers should not only care about the quality of goods and the qualification certificate of the company, but also know the service items provided by laser marking machine enterprises in detail. If the enterprise will go to the staff door service installation, and in the minimum time to adjust the work. After installation and adjustment, is there any staff of the enterprise who give full free technical professional specific guidance to ensure that the operators can understand all kinds of practical operations as early as possible. Whether the selected machine and equipment have the whole machine warranty service item.