How to choose cutting machine and engraving machine to open a whole house custom decoration company?

There are many kinds of customized furniture cutting machines in the whole house, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. So, as a newly developed company, how to choose?

As a whole, we have a look at the common cutting machines on the market, including duplex sequence with row drilling machine, three process numerical control cutting machine (four process), machining center with row drilling, fully automatic loading and unloading numerical control cutting equipment, and some double position machines with extended table (able to put two plates, with high work efficiency), In the face of so many types of small and medium-sized panel furniture factory, how to choose?


First of all, choose a reliable large manufacturer, CNC cutting machine for machine precision, speed, stability are quite high. universal


The woodworking engraving machine can not meet the technological requirements of CNC cutting machine. CNC cutting machine is not just a woodworking machine

Engraving machine body is so simple. The technical requirements for accessories and assembly are also very high. Therefore, the choice of CNC cutting machine must choose professional manufacturers with guaranteed technology and assembly process

Second, choose the right model. For the manufacturers with strong capital, they can choose the automatic NC Feeding and unloading equipment. For the medium and small panel furniture factory with limited capital, the first choice is the straight line cutter opener (material opening, drilling, milling groove). The automatic switching of 8 cutting heads can ensure the opening speed and make holes below 6mm. And the machine can meet the cabinet body, cabinet door board and other processing technology.

Third, choose the most cost-effective configuration, let manufacturers list the accessories one by one, and find the manufacturers with similar qualifications for comparison. Buying machines can't be a big deal of blame.

Fourth, choose appropriate software for single disassembly.

With the increase of the types and quantity of domestic furniture software, more and more optional panel furniture supporting software is also available. But there are not many mature software, many software have the problems of difficult design and inaccurate hole location. At present, there are cloud software that is better used in the market. You can see the simulation operation interface and select the cloud disassembly software suitable for yourself

Fifth, choose reliable technical guidance. Some manufacturers only sell machines, and they will not use them for half a day. Ask the manufacturer's technology again. The technicians are impatient, and the technology itself is a half hang. Only can do machine, real production and processing process production plan oneself do not understand.