How to choose semiconductor laser power supply

Laser power supply products should be selected according to the actual application of laser. Take the semiconductor laser power supply as an example, we should consider the power of the power supply, safety protection, manufacturers and so on.


Laser is widely recognized as an advanced technology. Laser Doppler velocimeter can calculate the blood flow of the detected tissue by recording the frequency shift of scattered light generated by the movement of blood cells under laser irradiation. Laser Doppler imaging can be used for blood flow detection, in vivo blood imaging, multi scattering photon path length distribution detection, etc. If we pay attention, it is not difficult to find that the progress of modern medicine is closely related to the development of laser technology. Specifically, it is closely related to the progress of semiconductor laser technology.


Working principle of semiconductor laser


Semiconductor laser is a device which produces laser by using certain semiconductor material as working material. Its working principle is to realize the non-equilibrium carrier number inversion between the energy band (conduction band and valence band) of semiconductor material, or between the energy band of semiconductor material and the impurity (acceptor or donor) energy level through a certain excitation mode. When a large number of electrons in the state of particle number inversion are combined with holes, stimulated emission will occur. There are three main excitation modes of semiconductor lasers, namely electric injection mode, optical pump mode and high energy electron beam excitation mode.

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Composition and requirements of semiconductor laser power supply


The semiconductor laser power supply circuit consists of: voltage stabilizing circuit, laser power pulse control circuit, pulse generation circuit and protection circuit. Digital semiconductor laser power supply is based on digital integrated circuit, which can realize intelligent control of semiconductor laser power supply.

In addition to voltage and current stabilization, semiconductor laser power supply should also realize current source drive and protection, optical power feedback control, constant temperature control, error alarm and keyboard display.

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LDD3 series semiconductor laser power supply is a kind of semiconductor driving power supply represented by Xinte optoelectronics Institute. It can be used in semiconductor lasers and laser diode arrays, and can provide pulse current up to 300A and DC current up to 64a. The driver can realize the smooth adjustment of optical parameters in a wide range and is the smallest semiconductor laser power supply. This series of products are widely used in laser equipment (such as marking machine, welding machine, engraving machine, cutting machine), medical equipment, laser measuring equipment (such as spectrometer, laser locator, laser rangefinder, etc.).