How to choose the right engraving machine?

On the analysis of the purchase of engraving machine, nothing more than want to buy a good quality, price and want to cheaper. So, what kind of engraving machine is right? It's not expensive. Is that right? Business people all know that good things are not cheap, and price is not the key to choosing machines. Because the carving machine as a productive mechanical equipment, it is a time-effective equipment, not steamed bread, buy it will be quickly consumed. Therefore, whether it can be used for the longest time before the change of the industry, without changing the machine frequently, and increasing the cost is a factor that must be considered.


First, engraving machine is the third generation of advertising processing equipment after engraving machine and inkjet photo machine. Judging from the past engraving machines, it is not difficult for us to judge that carving opportunities, like engraving machines and inkjet photo machines, will exist in the market for no less than 10 years. In this case, in the choice of engraving machine, too much attention to a life will be greatly shortened, unit time cost is greatly increased. For example, if you buy a 6090 engraving machine, the service life of the low-end product will be one or two years. Then you have to buy another one, and the cost will be even higher. Second, the engraving machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with a certain technological content, so it is inevitable to have a failure, and the failure rate of the lower end engraving machine will be higher. If the engraving machine fails during the warranty period, the customer needs to pay a certain cost of work delay and customer loss; What if the warranty period is over? In addition to the cost of delay and customer churn, customers have to bear the maintenance cost of the machine.

Third, if customers buy low-end engraving machine, its efficiency will be relatively low. Suppose that a client receives a large number of carving businesses. Due to the low-end brand carving machine is inefficient, if it takes 2 months to complete, a good carving machine can only be completed in one month. A month customer can save a fairly objective operation fee, such as rent, workers' salary, etc More importantly, business tax and other things are that customers may get more market opportunities in a month, such as receiving more business, meeting larger customers, or looking at new investment projects. Therefore, we think that efficiency is life for productive enterprises.

Fourth, choosing equipment is not a simple one-time purchase, but a long-term partner. In today's business, we all say to do service, a large part of this service refers to after-sales service. As mentioned above, there are no equipment without problems, and any machine will have problems for a long time. When there is a problem, you will not handle it. If there is no after-sales service, it will be equivalent to your equipment being abandoned. Therefore, high-tech production equipment like carving machine, the machine has been bought back, and the purchase relationship between the two sides is apparently over; In fact, cooperation between the two sides really started. For customers, whether to choose a good partner is a matter of priority for future development.


In the above points, we believe that when purchasing carving machine, the first choice is to evaluate the service life, stability, efficiency, accuracy and service of the carving machine, and then compare the price to choose the good partner of your business cooperation!