How to find a cost-effective, high and durable laser carving cutter

Nowadays, more and more people have mastered more and more raw materials for laser carving cutting machine. Even if many processing techniques cannot be completed, they will think of using laser carving cutter to check whether the actual effect of production and processing can meet the requirements. Laser carving cutting machine is becoming more and more popular in key technical areas. Various materials such as wooden furniture, acrylic board, printing paper, hibiscus board, pet, leather products, PVC, fabric, felt material, plastic, vulcanized rubber, bamboo, luggage leather, porcelain, adhesive label, various relative density plates, jadeite jade and other non-metallic materials, All the equipment used is CO2 laser generator. If manual metal materials are carved, fiber optic fiber laser cutting is needed. If the actual effect of laser marking is obtained in production line such as laminated glass and mobile phone charging head, laser marking machine is needed (different mechanical equipment principle). Naturally, the precision of manual carving is also higher and higher.
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If you are the first time to touch the laser marking machine, there is no definition of this in your mind. The sales market has a variety of prices and main parameters, which are confused and dizzy. If you are not too anxious to buy in this situation, you can master the basic principle of laser marking machine, various production and processing videos, all fields of concentration, price difference and other relevant information. We first discard the price elements, and then analyze the products we want to produce and process by ourselves. We analyze the non-metallic materials or metal materials by hand. Which company we are looking for has the working experience in the production and processing field you belong to, the qualification certificate of the company and the period of company registration (don't believe the period written on the Internet itself, It is necessary to inquire the real application registration time in Shenzhen industrial and commercial network or Tianyan inspection, or Alibaba Cheng information and communication period).

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Naturally, if we can investigate and compare on the spot, it is best to do so. If we are not free, because of the communication now, we have 5g in the front of the world. We can immediately video to understand the specific situation of the enterprise. At least, if the manufacturer can see it, it can also let the manufacturer show the field you are involved in immediately, What kind of test product experience the manufacturer has, even the whole process of production and processing on the spot. Select the appropriate laser cutting equipment of its own, and see which is the best one for you is CO2 laser carving cutter, optical fiber cutting machine or laser marking machine. If the manufacturer with working experience is likely to not give you the price immediately, it will master all kinds of information content of your raw materials such as material, size, appearance, production and processing parts, actual effect of production and processing, daily production and other detailed information. If you feel that the manufacturer is not familiar with it, it is your mistake! That way, it is confirmed that the responsibility and technical specialty of this manufacturer will give you the most extreme solution after the manufacturer with working experience has finished the regulations. The firm belief that you have no working experience should be able to distinguish according to your opinion. According to the strong recommendation from different manufacturers, we believe that you should be able to determine which type and model of laser carving cutter is necessary. We select CO2 laser carving cutter by manufacturing and processing non-metallic materials, Taking the example of selecting dx-960 laser marking automatic cutting machine with irregular and special raw materials such as production and processing of gourd carving or ceramic wine bottle, it is very likely to meet various price machine and equipment from 8000 to 30000. At this time, we need to consider its precise positioning, You are choosing to buy a novice entry-level toy level to buy about 10000, but also for the actual effect, precision, service life that is the words, manufacturers are likely to say very good, but see your spending money should be fully considered in the late and mid-term! I don't feel like the boys should spend any more on the income tax. Personal view below: a cent and a cent of goods are always true. The great reason for the collection of 5000 year old ancestors of the Chinese nation is still unclear. However, many people don't understand that abnormal things will be reversed. Like 960 model and specification, some manufacturers have a price of 30000, some manufacturers have a price of less than 10000 and 10000 to 20000, Think about selling high price clearly know that he does not have the advantage of price and sells so high. Is he not afraid that customers are outflow? Is it much more? No doubt, you certainly have a lot of reasons. It is worth it. For example, all the vehicles are all four wheels, but there are all from 20000 to 200000. Is the difference? Anyone would say yes, because this thing can be touched and distinguished by everyone in the whole daily life process, but the laser carving and cutting machine group is not touched and mastered every day, so it can not be distinguished. But please remember that the purchase of machine and equipment is the same as the car purchase, with high-quality after-sales service, high cost performance, high precision and long life, The price is certainly high (because all parts and even service items must be cost-effective, no business will lose money to do business). It doesn't have to be a lot of money at that time. It will take many years. We need to take this machine and equipment to create accumulated wealth for you. We need to buy a cost-effective, difficult to solve the problem after-sales service. It is difficult to solve the problem. The key is to defeat our competitors. A small front payment may represent a lot of money to spend behind. If buy big vase decoration pays attention to the same pattern of flower type, then buy a cost-effective pendulum, it is only a decoration design, not too concerned, this is unnecessary to buy high price, naturally, you have rich assets in the home to buy high price also do not care, money is not too much spent on the need to buy expensive, otherwise it is the main manifestation of irrational consumption concept. It is not necessarily the best to buy the expensive price, but it is hard to buy the best price. Interesting! I am not happy to spray.