How to install laser engraving machine

How to install laser engraving machine? Laser engraving machine is a kind of equipment which processes materials by high temperature melting. The two functions of laser engraving machine are engraving and cutting. Laser engraving machine is mainly composed of carbon dioxide laser, power supply, workbench, control system, water cooling system, etc. Today we are going to talk about how to install the laser engraving machine.


Installation and debugging of laser engraving machine


How to install laser engraving machine?


  1. Remove the package and place the equipment on a flat ground. Turn on the power of the device and check whether the self-test is normal.


  1. The water pipe is connected to the water pump, and the other end is placed in the bucket together with the water pump. After the power is turned on, please observe whether the water cooling cycle is normal.


  1. Third, turn on the laser switch, then turn on the test switch, and call out the output current. At this time, you should see that the laser tube has light. Special reminder: this light is invisible light, do not put your hand into it to avoid injury.


  1. Now you can turn off the main switch, connect the computer and the equipment, and then turn on the power of the engraving machine and the computer. At this time, you enter the engraving interface, and the engraving plane is fixed on the focus plane of the focus lens for testing.


How to install the laser engraving machine steps on these, we should have a clear understanding. Installation of laser engraving machine has many considerations, we also want to say here.


What are the precautions for installing laser engraving machine?


  1. It is forbidden to install and debug the laser engraving machine in strong lightning weather.


  1. Please install voltage regulator in advance to ensure voltage stability.


  1. The ground where the laser engraving machine is placed needs to be smooth, without ponding, and the roof cannot leak. It must be sheltered from the wind and rain.


  1. Before purchasing more than one laser engraving machine, it is necessary to plan and clean the site in advance.


This is basically the end of teaching you how to install the laser engraving machine. Through the above detailed introduction, you should be able to install. But it doesn't matter if you don't install it. Laser engraving machine manufacturers generally send people to install and debug the equipment, and have on-site technical guidance. So you don't have to worry that you won't install a laser engraving machine.