How to maintain optical fiber line laser marking machine?

Optical fiber line laser marking machine is more and more widely used, effective to mark the bottom area can use laser marking machine, such as hardware industry, wrench, measuring instruments, sanitary ware, stainless steel cookware, medical machinery, bags, leather goods, bags; There are also many gift markets, such as metal gifts, gift boxes, USB flash drives and laptops; In the field of clock instrument and equipment, there are metal watch case, strap, bottom, eyeglass frame, instrument equipment and control panel. In addition, there are also laser marking of mobile phone case and electronic components in the field of packaging and electronic device communication.

Laser marking is the use of laser in a variety of different chemical substances on the surface of permanent marking. The basic effect of marking is to expose deep-seated chemical substances according to the volatilization of surface chemical substances, or to "carve" the mark according to the change of organic chemical state of surface chemical substances caused by solar energy, or to highlight the design and text of the required ion implantation according to the burning of some chemical substances by solar energy.

So, how to maintain the optical fiber line laser marking machine?

Common problems in maintenance of optical fiber line laser marking machine:

Our customers in the application of fiber laser marking machine equipment in the whole process, more or less will encounter some problems. Next, the technical engineers of Lixing laser will share some professional knowledge about the maintenance of machinery and equipment, hoping to help you.

Laser marking machine must be cleaned on time- θ Maintenance of the lens, laminated glass, daily fixed without using dust-free cloth dipped in a small amount of ethanol along a direction of scrubbing; Regularly maintain the operation of the cooling fan, and remove and replace the abnormal cooling fan; Clean up the computer mouse and keyboard on time; Clean the dust of the cooling fan and air duct of the laser generator on time. When the machine and equipment are powered off, clean the dust along the air duct with a cleaner every week.
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Before starting the laser marking machine every day, carefully assist the working pressure of the steam body. If the air pressure is insufficient, check whether there is leakage in the pipeline; Check whether the buttons are damaged and whether the display light is normal; Check whether the lens of condenser is damaged before production and processing; Check the position of lifting system before production and processing; Check the basic parameters of mobile phone software before production and processing;
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After the daily work of the laser marking machine, carry out the standby according to the standby process, and then turn off the main switch power supply; After the work, immediately remove the production and processing waste, clean up the work on the spot, and keep the work on the spot neat and tidy.

The basic effect of marking is to carve out exquisite pattern design, trademark logo and text according to the volatilization of surface chemical substances and exposure of deep chemical substances. Laser marking machine is mainly divided into CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor material laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine and YAG laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is mainly used in some more detailed regulations Places with higher precision. It is used in electronic components, integrated circuit chip (IC), welder household appliances, mobile phone communication, hardware products, special tools and spare parts, high precision equipment, shortsighted glasses and clocks, accessories, auto parts, plastic function keys, decorative building materials, PVC pipes.
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Nowadays, with the rapid development trend of laser cutting equipment and the improvement of output power of ultraviolet laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine has been used in ultra fine production and processing of high-end sales market, such as laser marking on the surface of plastic packaging bottles of iPhone, skin care products, drugs, food and other fiber materials; Soft PCB laser marking, area; Silicon wafer microporous plate, buried hole production and processing; LCD panel, glass container surface, metal surface coating, plastic function keys, electrical components, gifts, communication equipment, building decoration materials and other industries.

Most of the raw materials can digest and absorb ultraviolet laser, such as consumer electronic devices, mobile phone components, LCD screen hand carved two-dimensional code and trademark logo, porcelain, blue gem chip, capacitive sensor touch screen ITO etching processing, which can be used in the work of ultraviolet laser marking machine.