How to solve the problem of knife sticking in engraving machine?

With the development of manufacturing technology, engraving machine is widely used in many fields and industries. It is suitable for cutting and carving of various materials. However, some users have the problem of sticking knives during use. What's the matter? How to solve this problem?

The main reason of engraving knives is that when cutting low melting point materials (such as foams, acrylics and other materials), due to the high speed rotation of the spindle, a lot of heat will be generated, resulting in the melting materials sticking to the cutting tool paper, resulting in the progress and quality of the carving process, and when carving materials such as copper and aluminum, Chipping is also easily adsorbed on the cutter paper.

How to avoid knife sticking of engraving machine? We need to deal with it in different situations


  1. If you are carving materials that are easy to melt, you need to choose a sharper tool to reduce the heat generated during processing, and reduce the speed of the spindle, so as to reduce the processing speed. In addition, speed up the feed speed, which can shorten the tool stay time in the same position, reduce the probability of material melting.


  1. If copper, aluminum and other materials need to be processed, the cooling method needs to be improved. You can add some butter to the material to reduce the heat generation and reduce the chance of being cut and absorbed on the tool. In addition, change the tool, change the sharp tool, and reduce the feed speed.


When using the engraving machine, there is the phenomenon of stick knife, just take corresponding measures according to the reason of stick knife, generally can solve the problem of stick knife.

Question: the company wants to buy engraving machine, the higher the price of engraving machine, the better?

Answer: at present, the application range of engraving machine is very wide, we can use it in many industries, there are many types and brands in the market, and the quality is not uniform.

We can find that different brands, types and specifications give different prices, so the higher the price, the better the quality? In fact, this is not the case.

Generally speaking, the higher the price, the higher the configuration, but some high configuration, high value products may not meet the needs of users.


The prices of the same series and different series of products are different. Although some small engraving machines are small in size, they have high precision and high price. Some engraving machines are large in volume, low in processing precision and low in price. The application fields of the two products are different.

If users want to produce products with large volume and low precision requirements, but buy engraving machines with small volume, high precision and high price, they may not be able to achieve the ideal production goal. Therefore, the higher the engraving machine price is, the better. The price is only a factor to be measured when purchasing. When choosing, it is necessary to combine the actual power of engraving machine, the performance of electromechanical spindle, the quality of mechanical and electrical spindle The application scope of processing should be considered.