How to solve the problem of no light in the use of laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine investment is not much, very suitable for personal shop, but mainly need to determine the source of carving materials and sales. In this way, you want to start a business, to be prepared. But in the use of laser engraving machine in the process of light problems will be how to solve it, the following will introduce the causes of light and solutions


  1. First check whether the laser tube itself is illuminated( Test at the light outlet) the laser tube emits light, and check whether the lens is damaged and whether the light path is offset.
  1. If the laser tube does not shine, check whether the water circulation is normal. (check whether the water flow is smooth). If there is no water flow or the water flow is not smooth, clean the water pump and straighten the water pipe.
  1. The water circulation is normal. Check whether the laser power indicator is on and whether the power supply fan rotates. If it does not rotate, the laser power is disconnected and replaced.
  1. Press the laser power point emission key, if there is no laser power or one of the laser tubes is faulty.
  1. If the short-circuit water protection signal line is still not on, the main board or terminal block is faulty.

There is no action when starting

  1. Whether the machine power switch light is on. If not, check the power system or main power fuse.
  1. If there is a display, please check the parameters of the new motherboard. If the parameter is incorrect, write the correct parameter.
  1. The parameters are correct, but still no action, the motherboard or driver is wrong.

Clean and light

  1. Check the light intensity and rotation speed, water temperature, etc. when the rotation speed is too fast, the light intensity is too small, the water temperature is too high, increase the light intensity, reduce the rotation speed, and replace the circulating water.
  1. Check whether the hook depth is normal. If it is normal, increase the graphics resolution or scanning accuracy.
  1. The hook is still very shallow, or the depth is very shallow, the lens is dirty or damaged, and the light path is shifted.
  1. Connect the ammeter to see if the current can reach 20mA, but the depth is still not enough, the laser tube is aging, and replace the laser tube.

Sometimes the machine has light, sometimes it doesn't

  1. Check whether the lens is dirty or damaged, and whether the optical path is seriously offset. Clean or replace the lens and adjust the optical path.
  1. Whether the light path of the lens is normal, check whether the water circulation is normal, if the water is intermittent, clean or replace the water pump, and dredge the water pipe.
  1. The water circulation is normal, it may be the water protection fault, so replace the water protection.
  1. If the problem persists, the main board, laser power supply and laser tube may cause this phenomenon. Replace the above accessories and find out the cause.

The size of the graphics output is not correct.


  1. Check the actual size of the drawing, if there is no problem, change the subdivision of the machine transmission, press the movement, pulse.

Abnormal machine reset

  1. When reset, the direction is correct, but when it reaches the top, the car and beam can't stop (check the main board parameters of the new machine first, if they are correct), the main board and sensor are faulty, and replace them.
  1. The beam reset is normal, the trolley is not reset, the tensioner may be stuck or the motor shaft may be broken. The parameter is wrong. Replace the tensioner or small motor and modify the parameters.

The machine is in the middle, leaking, chasing

  1. Check the grounding condition of the machine, measure whether the ground wire meets the standard (the resistance to the ground is not more than 5 Ohm), and modify the ground wire to make it meet the relevant standards.
  1. Check whether the computer has set screen saver or power saving mode (such as system hibernation or hard disk shutdown). For low-speed and high-speed motherboards, cancel the above settings and change to "never".
  1. Check the errors in the original graphics, such as crossing, unclosed, missing strokes, etc. to correct the errors in the graphics.
  1. If there is no such problem in other graphics, it will only appear in specific graphics, and the graphics data will be wrongly processed and then re rendered.


  1. The problem still exists. May be the computer serial port, engraving machine motherboard problem


It doesn't matter that the laser engraving machine can't operate. You can learn from the manufacturer. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to the manufacturer's free training software technology.