How to solve the problem of no light in the whole process of laser marking machine application

The project investment of laser marking machine is very small, which is very suitable for personal online shop, but the main thing is to make sure that the raw materials of hand carving come from and sell in the market. That's the way to start your own business. But in the whole process of the application of laser marking machine, how to solve the problem of no light will be introduced in detail

1. First check whether the laser diode itself is lit( Check whether the lens is damaged and whether the laser light path is biased.

2. If the laser diode does not work, check whether the water circulation system is normal. (check whether the running water is unobstructed). If there is no running water or the running water is not smooth, clean the centrifugal pump and straighten the water pipe.

3. The water circulation system is normal. See if the laser output power indicator is on and the power supply fan is rotating. If it does not rotate, the laser generator will be broken and replaced.

4. Press and hold the laser output power point send key, if there is no laser output power or there is a common fault in one of the laser diodes.

5. If the short-circuit water maintenance power line is still not on, the computer motherboard or terminal block has common faults.

There is no posture in operation

1. The main switch light of equipment power is on or not. If not, please check the switch power supply system software or the main switch power supply fuse.

2. If there is any indication, please check the motherboard parameters of the new model. If the main parameters are wrong, load the appropriate main parameters.
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3. The main parameters are appropriate, but there is still no posture, and the computer motherboard or controller is incorrect.

Clean and shallow

1. Check the light intensity and speed ratio, temperature and other speed ratio in the work. If the speed ratio is too fast, the light intensity is too small, and the temperature is too high, expand the light intensity, reduce the speed ratio, and replace the cooling circulating water.

2. Check if everything is normal in the deep layer of the hook. If everything is normal, improve the resolution of the graphic screen or the precision of the scanner.

3. The hook is very shallow or deep, the camera lens is dirty or damaged, and the laser light path is deviated.

4. Connect the galvanometer to see if the current can reach 20mA, but the deep layer is still insufficient, and the laser diode is brittle, so remove and replace the laser diode.
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Sometimes the device is bright, sometimes it's not

1. Check whether the camera lens is dirty or damaged, and whether the laser light path deviates seriously. Clean or replace the camera lens and adjust the laser light path.

2. Whether the laser light path of the camera lens is normal or not, and whether the water circulation system is normal or not. If it meets water intermittently, clean or replace the centrifugal pump and connect the water pipe.

3. The water circulation system is normal, which may be a common fault of water maintenance, so it is necessary to replace the water for maintenance.

4. If the problem continues to exist, the computer motherboard, laser generator and laser diode are likely to cause such a situation. Replace the parts and find out the reason.
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The output size of the pattern is wrong.

1. Check the specific specifications of the diagram. If there is no problem, change the transmission system of the equipment and divide it into different parts according to fitness exercise and monopulse.

Abnormal equipment calibration

1. The orientation is appropriate during calibration, but when it reaches the top, the car and load-bearing beam can't stop at all (check the motherboard parameters of the new equipment first, if appropriate). The computer motherboard and sensors have common faults, and they are removed and replaced.

2. The beam calibration is normal, the car is not calibrated, the tensioner is likely to be stuck or the motor shaft is broken. The main parameters are incorrect. Remove and replace the tensioner or small motor, and change the main parameters.

The equipment stops in the middle, seeps, pursues

1. Check the condition of the equipment grounding device, accurately measure whether the grounding wire is in line with the regulations (the grounding resistor shall not exceed 5 ohm bus), and modify the grounding wire to make it conform to the relevant specifications.

2. Check whether the screen saver process or low power mode is set on the computer (such as system software sleep state or turning off the computer hard disk). For low-speed computer motherboard, cancel the above settings and change to "never".

3. Check the incorrect in the initial pattern, such as cross, unclosed, lack of strokes, to correct the incorrect in the pattern.

4. If there is no such problem in other graphs, it will only happen in special graphs, and the graph data information will be solved incorrectly, and then displayed again.

5. This problem still exists. May be the computer serial communication, CNC engraving machine computer motherboard problems

Laser marking machine is not easy to operate, the actual operation is OK, to the manufacturer to learn training, want to master a lot, can care about the manufacturer is free skills training software development.