How to turn on color light when purchasing fiber line laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is widely used in vehicles, small toys, kitchen supplies, electronic devices and other industries. Therefore, there are many customers are very pro laser marking machine, there are more and more laser marking machine manufacturers in the market. And so many laser marking machine, for customers, how to carry out the purchase, how to buy high-quality laser marking machine is a necessary method and work experience. How to turn on color light when purchasing fiber line laser marking machine
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1. Look at the output power. Laser marking machine has many kinds of output power, different equipment output power marking the actual effect is not the same, generally speaking, the larger the output power of laser marking machine, the heavier the bottom layer can be marked.

2. Look at the brand of laser marking machine. Well known brands are very important. Well known brands often become well-known brands because their products have incomparable advantages. Therefore, when we buy laser marking machines, we can choose from laser marking machine manufacturers with rich and colorful working experience and long-term development trend.

3. Look at user reviews. User evaluation is the key factor for customers to distinguish the quality of laser marking machine. When selecting a laser marking machine, we need to see its quality. The quality can be investigated immediately and can also be evaluated by a third party. If the user evaluation of the manufacturer is very good, the laser marking machine manufactured by the manufacturer will also be very good.

4. Look at the after-sales service. After sales service can be ultraviolet laser marking machine to help customers save a lot of extra time, deal with the vast majority of customer problems. Generally speaking, the laser marking machine after-sales service of large manufacturers with user evaluation is better, and the better manufacturers pay more attention to after-sales service.

Many customers who have actually operated the laser marking machine have some opinions on the color light marking system software of the laser lettering machine. The production of a laser marking machine must include the color light marking system software, which is often called color light adjustment here. As everyone knows, there are many functions of color light adjustment, and it also has a particularly important effect on the accurate positioning of laser marking machine. The key functions of color adjustment include the following three points:

1. The color light adjustment of end pump laser marking machine is used as the marking light to adjust the optical path of resonator;

2. Color light can also be used as the focus of laser marking machine, that is, the marking of laser marking distance;
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3. As the marking light for laser marking precise positioning of laser marking machine, according to the different software of laser marking mobile phone, it can be divided into laser marking positioning point marking, width category marking of laser marking pattern design, overall simulation marking of laser marking pattern design, etc;

It must be noted that to turn on the color adjustment of laser marking machine, the actual operation staff must have a certain grasp of the machine and equipment. For example, the color adjustment of general laser marking machine manufacturers is all on the laser marking mobile phone software.