I hope you can live a long time together

Originally, I wanted to find an ancient poem to express the reunion of the Mid Autumn Festival, which is fresh and refined. However, most of the ancient people only chanted poems when they were sad in spring or sad in autumn or lonely and homesick. The more the Mid Autumn Festival, the more sorrowful it was. Only Su Shi is open-minded. Even if he can't be reunited with his family, he also has depression in his heart. The words are still bright and clear. After all, no matter whether the moon cake is delicious or not, whether he can be reunited with his family or not, he must try every means to make himself happy~

Chinese traditional festivals always contain the beautiful meaning of family reunion, especially the Mid Autumn Festival, when the full moon is in the sky, the whole family is eating a reunion dinner in front of a round table with a plate of round moon cakes in the middle of the table. So the circle is the most lovely pattern in the world~

engraving machine

In order to make the "round" elements of the Mid Autumn Festival more diverse and perfect, laser processing technology has made every effort in marking, cutting and 3D carving. Let's explore it——

laser engraving machine for wood

First of all, of course, we should start with the most grounded application -- moon cake packaging. When it comes to the gift box packaging of various festivals, people always say that they want to simplify, but when they see the exquisite hollowed out patterns or unique material styles, they are still secretly happy and can't put it down. In the field of gift packaging, hollow patterns can never be out of date. Thin clouds and bright moon, window lattice and fence, Chang'e flying in the sky, all kinds of patterns can be carved exquisitely and flexibly by laser processing technology; Whether it is traditional iron box, simple wooden box or light carton, it can be transformed by laser marking and laser engraving processing technology, and the color value rises in a straight line.

However, we must have heard of the saying that "one moon cake = four bowls of steamed rice". A small piece of moon cake is a lot of concentrated sugar and fat. So, moon cakes are delicious, but don't be greedy~

Rao is so. The Mid Autumn Festival reunion dinner still needs to be taken seriously. As a humble editor who didn't get the ticket to go home on the Mid Autumn Festival, I really feel everyone's obsession for the reunion... In recent years, everyone has high standards and strict requirements for all aspects of the reunion dinner, not only the color and fragrance, but also the tableware with delicious food. you 're right! In view of this, the Laser marking machine has to compete with the microphone for advertising again! As the mainstream material in the tableware market, ceramics can use CO2 Laser marking machine for high-precision marking. With the advantages of non-contact processing, low pollution and high precision, it ensures that your tableware is exquisite and unique, worthy of your good cooking skills~

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Machine name: co2-d30 Laser marking machine

Application field: it can be widely used for graphic marking on various materials such as craft gifts, food packaging, electronic components, PCB bar code, flexible circuit board, ceramic substrate, etc

Product features:

  1. Low power imported laser is used for post focusing;
  1. Integrated equipment, equipped with lifting main beam and expandable processing plane, using air cooling system;
  1. The machine body is small and has high universality, which is suitable for the graphic marking of a variety of non-metallic materials;