Identification of ultraviolet laser marking machine on plastic packaging products

Ultraviolet laser marking machine, short wavelength high-quality ultraviolet laser generator, focus light spot is small, the actual effect of thermal damage is small, the actual effect of laser marking is more beautiful and generous. This series of products has incomparable advantages for the meticulous marking of plastic products.


In the industrial production industry, compared with other raw materials, plastics have the advantages of light weight, high-quality organic chemical reliability, excellent insulation characteristics, wide impact toughness and high specific strength. They have become common packaging products and are widely used in daily life.

In addition to the environmental pollution caused by the difficult dissolution of plastic materials, the identification of plastic packaging products also has the problem of environmental pollution that can not be ignored. In the past, the trademark logo, bar code and serial number of plastic products were usually produced by packaging and printing, labeling, hot printing and folding the outer packaging box, or by immediately carrying out foot-on production and processing on the surface of plastic products. Such a method is not only inefficient, but also requires the use of consumables. The application cost is higher, and the environmental pollution level in the production process is more serious.

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With the expansion of the application scope of plastic materials, the identification methods of raw materials are also upgraded, from the traditional printing ink coding software to the excellent laser marking. The ultraviolet laser marking machine can concentrate a great deal of energy on the plastic products according to the laser, and then carry out the identification of some logo, text, manufacturer's information content, main parameters of goods and operation instructions and other information content on the plastic. It gets rid of the difficulties of traditional printing ink bar code, such as high energy consumption, high consumables, high common faults, high maintenance and easy handling, Become plastic products manufacturers can not be lack of special tools for production and processing.

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UV laser marking machine is mainly used to mark Chinese characters, English, data, production date, manufacturing date, logo, real-time clock information content, anti-counterfeiting identification, anti channeling digital, etc., which meets the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical industry and HACCP in food enterprises. Plastic has replaced a large number of traditional packaging products with its light weight, durable, beautiful, high quality and low price, which has promoted a reform of the packaging industry. However, the harm of plastic products to the natural environment can not be ignored. The laser gives full play to its unique advantages and contributes to the protection of the ecological environment. We also remind ourselves that we should choose more environmentally friendly methods to produce and process plastics and try to avoid using plastic products.

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Laser marking machine to mark the base range also has an impact on the price, large scene laser marking, the larger the output power to be used, the greater the output power, the higher the cost of machinery and equipment! The smaller the company, the lower the cost control, and the after-sales service can't keep up. The price is low, and the ability to deal with on-the-spot problems is poor. In this regard, it is strongly recommended to select companies with more than five million qualification certificates( With a registered capital of 5 million yuan, Yongfeng is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It has been engaged in laser field for many years. It has professional knowledge, sense of responsibility, technical work experience and service projects in certain fields. It has more than 1000 customers and has created excellent user evaluation in this field