Improving the speed of Laser marking machine to help the circuit board industry

Laser marking machine is the use of high-energy laser in the product logo and text, characters, symbols processing method, is a widely used processing method, compared with the traditional pad printing, inkjet. It has the advantages of high efficiency, no ink pollution and environmental protection.


In addition, as a non-contact processing, laser has little influence on the material and no deformation. Laser marking is to use high-energy laser to engrave the processing capacity on the product, so the processing capacity will not be easily lost. Laser marking machine has these advantages at the same time more and more widely used, so how to improve the speed and efficiency of Laser marking machine in production.

Laser marking machine increases the speed of laser marking: the speed of laser marking is related to the performance of the galvanometer. Now the domestic galvanometer is very mature. Generally, the speed of domestic digital galvanometer can reach 10000 mm / s, and it is very fast when the speed is set to 5000 mm / s. Of course, it should be changed under the condition of ensuring the laser marking effect.

Increase the laser power: with the increase of the speed of the Laser marking machine, the laser energy per unit area of laser marking becomes smaller. To keep the effect of laser marking unchanged, it is necessary to increase the laser power.

The fiber laser controls the ultraviolet laser marking mechanism by the percentage of laser control. In order to prolong the service life of the fiber laser, the setting should not be more than 80%. The end pump and semiconductor laser are adjusted according to the requirements of laser power supply to increase the power supply.


Laser marking is a very advanced marking technology. Through the focused laser engraving technology, the characters and patterns that need to be marked are carved on the surface of the object. Circuit board (PCB), as the "mother of electronic products", is almost the upstream of electronic consumer goods. Whether it is mobile phone, computer, flat panel, display screen and so on, it will be used in a wide range of applications.

China is an important PCB manufacturer in the world, but the scale of end pump Laser marking machine enterprises is smaller than that of traditional powers such as Japan and South Korea, and the industry concentration is lower. Looking forward to the future of domestic PCB industry, it is the general trend to improve the industry concentration and mass production, and it is particularly important to standardize and mass manage PCB. And PCB industry is also widely used in Laser marking machine. PCB special Laser marking machine has better accuracy and flexibility, can make up for the lack of screen printing processing, greatly improve production efficiency and yield, reduce costs and reduce pollution. At present, it has been widely used in digital products, wearable devices, automotive circuit boards and many other fields.