In order to be able to cut acrylic board, small engraving machine can be regarded as "exhausted"

The carving effect of small engraving machine, I believe many custom business experts have seen. However, the cutting function of the small engraving machine really surprised me. After all, it's amazing that such a small thing can be cut. The original small engraving machine cutting technology is not bad!


Small engraving machine cutting acrylic plate technology is not very complex, we use this is fixed focus 10W small engraving machine. Prepare a black acrylic board, a picture of a dancing ballet girl, and a computer. After connecting the computer and the machine. Let's adjust the engraving depth and engraving power. Because we want to realize the cutting function, all the data need to be adjusted to 100%. After all the data are adjusted, we can start to preview, and we can start cutting if there is no problem with the position. To achieve the cutting function, we need to spend more time repeatedly carving to complete the cutting. What we are waiting for is the longest advertisement. Sure enough, this advertisement of small engraving machine is really ecstatic for acrylic. The ballet girl cut from the black acrylic board is graceful and graceful. It seems that she is telling a story of carving and cutting to express her gratitude for the carving achievements of the small engraving machine. So, what kind of strength does the fixed focus 10W small engraving machine rely on to carve and cut the acrylic board? Because it uses AV chip. The chip with higher precision ensures the quality of carving and cutting, and with this chip, the minimum precision can be up to 2mm characters. At the same time, the new laser head used in the fixed focus 10W small engraving machine can guarantee the heat dissipation effect. Not only cutting, the ability of small engraving machine in carving is no less than its cutting ability. Whether in stainless steel or in other materials.


However, everything has the side that suits itself and does not fit itself. For small carving machines, the best one is to mark samples or to make DIY crafts. The amount of each day is dozens, but these dozens can be excellent products, so it is not worth this matter, but also depends on the quality.