Innovation is the constant theme in laser marking industry

Innovation is an eternal topic in the modern industrial production demand. Enterprises focus on innovation. Only by grasping the market can they stand out in the fierce wind.

Laser marking technology


It has gone through several decades since its application. From the only high-tech special industry application at the beginning to the extensive market, it has become the replacement of the traditional marking method. Everything behind this comes from the innovation of laser marking technology.

Laser marking technology from the laboratory to the civil market, has experienced continuous breakthrough from technology to market application. At first, Laser marking machine was limited to gas Laser marking machine, later developed pump Laser marking machine, gold-plated cavity Laser marking machine, and now popular CO2 Laser marking machine, infrared fiber Laser marking machine, ultraviolet Laser marking machine, green Laser marking machine, etc. In different industries, they show their skills, such as UV Laser marking machine in the glass industry, fiber Laser marking machine is the favorite of the public, CO2 Laser marking machine is the best partner of leather and cloth.


It can be said that the innovation of laser technology promotes the application of laser marking technology, and the application and development of Laser marking machine market also promotes the breakthrough of laser marking technology, such as MOPA fiber Laser marking machine with fine lines, Q-switched fiber Laser marking machine with high quality and low price, UV Laser marking machine with small thermal impact, etc. They form a virtuous circle, promote each other and complement each other. The commonality between them is innovation, and innovation is the fulcrum of the eternal virtuous circle.




Laser marking machine from a single laser technology to diversification, multi-purpose, for different industries to develop different types of Laser marking machine, market demand for large, common market customers launched a powerful cost-effective Q-switch technology marking machine. With the increase of market demand, the process parameters of laser marking technology are gradually improved. The control system software is upgraded to make it more convenient for customers to operate. It can be really purchased on the same day and taught to use on the same day. It also achieves the important change of maintenance free, which also brings new applications for the improvement of intelligent production demand, It also provides broad application prospects for the further expansion of laser marking market, and all these are brought about by innovation.

at the market

The initial high-precision applications have penetrated into the public field. In our daily life, the application of laser marking technology can be seen everywhere. The most common ones are the logo and string marking in the appearance of mobile phones, and the laser marking of the production date of mineral water bottles. These are more popular market applications. Of course, this is also the result of the accumulated innovation of laser marking technology step by step in the past decades.

Application of power bank laser marking

With the continuous maturity of laser marking technology and the increase of employees, although the market demand is large, it is inevitable that there will be more and less problems in some fields, and some smart manufacturers will choose to avoid this situation and develop new applications. Such as the food industry, which is a traditional industry, food packaging date marking has become an important base for many manufacturers.

On the one hand, we have to compete with the traditional inkjet marking technology for resources, on the other hand, we have to face the competition among peers. The former has gradually become history and is gradually replaced by the application of new laser marking technology, but the latter is still in dire straits. How to break through this situation has become the top priority, in fact, what we are waiting for is innovation.

Application of laser marking technology in food industry

With the provisions of national food laws and regulations, the opportunity of innovation in the field of food has come, which requires the food industry to realize a series of traceability system of food source, processing and sales, namely two-dimensional code traceability.

The laser marking technology has unique advantages, which is irreversible and can not be eliminated. The marked two-dimensional code will not be erased, which effectively avoids the possibility of tampering with the two-dimensional code and improves the safety of two-dimensional code traceability in the food industry. What we Laser marking machine manufacturers need to do is how to realize the two-dimensional code laser marking traceability system.

It is under this premise that Yuanlu optoelectronics effectively realizes the traceability of two-dimensional code laser marking technology through technological innovation, combined with laser, electromechanical and software technology, and realizes the traceability and reverse traceability of food from the source to the processing to the sales, and then to the dining table, which can not only make consumers retroactively trace the safety of buying and eating, The realization of this technology also enables us to break through the fierce competition and win a broader market space, and this power comes from innovation.

The innovation of laser marking technology can open up the application market, market application can promote the upgrading of laser marking technology, complement each other, and focus on innovation. Innovation is the constant theme in the laser marking industry. Only innovation can improve the quality of an enterprise. It can be said that innovation is the soul of an enterprise, innovation is the power of an enterprise, and innovation is the source of an enterprise.