Installation procedure of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is a kind of laser cutting equipment, which carries out marking on the surface of various different chemical substances according to the laser light. The main use of laser marking machine is very common. In today's social development, we can often see that the areas where laser marking machines are used, such as mobile phones, outer packaging boxes of food industry, industrial products such as electronic components, plastic pipes, paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, gift box packaging fields, etc., are not counted. What is the function of laser marking machine?

1. Non contact laser marking is a kind of production and processing with pedal type "laser knife", which can print the mark on all standard or irregular surface of the laser marking machine, and it is not easy to cause thermal stress on the product workpiece after laser marking, so as to ensure the original precision of the product workpiece. There is no erosion, no damage of "NC blade", no harmful substances and no pollution to the surface in the work.

2. Hand engraving high-precision laser marking machine hand engraving object pattern is meticulous, at least the graphic limit can reach 0.04mm. The logo is clear, long-term and beautiful. Laser marking can achieve the requirement of printing a lot of data information on very small plastic products. For example, it can print two-dimensional bar code with more accurate and higher definition. Compared with printing and pressing or jet laser marking methods, ultraviolet laser marking machine has stronger competitiveness.

3. Permanent signs such as laser marking are not easy to dissipate due to the association of natural environment (touch, acid-base and alkaline gases, high temperature, ultra-low temperature, etc.).

4. The anti-counterfeiting logo is made of laser marking technology and hand carved logo, which is not easy to copy and change, and has strong anti-counterfeiting logo at a certain level.
laser engraving machine for metal

The whole process of proper installation of fiber laser marking machine:

1. When installing, we must take into account the key parts of sheet metal materials and solid parts processing, the sleeve connection between spring washer and sealing ring, so as to improve the content of the course. The end pump laser marking machine should ensure that there is no screw vibration loosening.

2. As a part of the electrical control system equipment, the control loop must be considered to be effective, and the electrical component box should have a certain anti fouling effect. In addition, attention must be paid to the sudden shutdown of the power supply, so as to prevent the normal operation of the laser marking machine and equipment.
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3. The other is the bright red correction. The laser light path must be completely accurate. The aspect ratio of the linear optical axis of the control module must be the focus of the same red light. The best part of the double room must be adjusted. When the first piece of semi reflective lens is well adjusted, the semi reflective lens frame is locked and cannot be moved. As early as the beginning of the development trend of human development history, ceramic products have already occurred, which is an indispensable part of human development history. With the development of human history, the end pump laser marking machine has a long history of development, and has a very high application and expression. Porcelain has long been in every corner of our daily life.
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Nowadays, people have more and more requirements for clothing, and because of the improvement of people's quality of life, the regulations are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the traditional production and processing method has long been difficult to achieve the increasing number of clothing posts. It is a new way to upgrade the production and processing by using laser marking and laser cutting, Laser cutting is not only very accurate, convenient and high-power, but also very high-precision.