Is a laser engraver worth it?

The software used by different manufacturers is different, but most laser cutting machines use software: CAD, CorelDRAW, etc. to choose a laser cutting machine, first of all, you need to know what material and the maximum thickness of the workpiece you are cutting. According to the cutting material and thickness, you can choose the laser power of the laser cutting machine. The cutting machine of carbon dioxide glass tube is cheap, and the RF laser is expensive. There are also software, Some software can carve relief effect, but some can't

Laser engraving plate one-time low investment. A set of 2-meter photosensitive flexible drying machine is not less than 400000 yuan, while a laser engraving machine is about 40000 yuan.

The production cost of resin plate is high. In the Pearl River Delta region, the average price of resin plate is 1.25 yuan / in2, and laser engraving plate making is 0.32 yuan / in2. Although mass production of resin plate can reduce the production cost by 0.90 yuan / in2, not any enterprise can do it. Even if it can be done, the cost is still far higher than laser plate making.
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Laser engraving plate low energy consumption, pollution-free, resin plate processing belongs to high pollution, although the use of plate making liquid recovery device, better than none, but the plate making liquid recovery rate is not 100%, pollution is inevitable.
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The size of laser engraving can be unlimited, the production site only needs more than 10 square meters, and the resin plate printer working site can not be less than 40 square meters, the production smell is pungent, the production site must be separated independently, in addition, the processing size is limited by the model. 2-meter photosensitive flexible printer, only to produce resin plate within 2 meters. 5. Laser engraving plate using 0.3 mm slope, durability is basically close to resin plate, only seven characters below resin plate printing is better than laser engraving plate. Competition not only provides more choices for the carton packaging industry, but also greatly reduces costs and improves economic benefits for the carton packaging industry. Before the advent of laser engraving plate making, the average price of photosensitive resin was 5 yuan / in2. At that time, almost every industrial zone in the Pearl River Delta had photosensitive resin plate production and processing points, and there was a trend of spreading. After laser engraving plate making was introduced to the market, the price of photosensitive resin plate dropped sharply to today's 1.25 yuan / in2, and the production scale also contracted. The benefits of plate making competition to the carton packaging industry are obvious. To sum up, the future of corrugated box packaging enterprises, in the printing plate technology competition will continue, laser engraving plate and photosensitive resin plate competition will continue, and will be more exciting. According to corrugated packaging carton industry experts forecast. In the future, the photosensitive resin will be completely withdrawn from the printing plate of transportation and packaging carton. The photosensitive resin plate still has the upper hand in the printing of products between transportation and sales and packaging. About 60% of them use the photosensitive resin plate and 40% use laser engraving plate. It is no doubt that the original situation of unifying the river and lake by the photosensitive resin plate has become history.
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The printing plate of corrugated box packaging industry, on the whole, is laser engraving plate making, which occupies 75% of the market share, and has the trend of continuous development. Although the photosensitive resin has high stability and high-definition printing effect, the cost problem is the bottleneck restricting its development. Even if the cost can be reduced, the environmental protection problem is the most critical problem restricting its development. Therefore, the economic and environmental protection of laser engraving plate making is the future development direction of printing plate in carton packaging industry.