Is it better to use servo or stepper for engraving machine?

Is it better to use servo or stepper for engraving machine? Engraving machine will need to use the motor. Motor is also called "motor". The so-called motor is a kind of electromagnetic device which realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Generally speaking, the engraving machine motor provides energy for the equipment. Engraving machine motor is divided into servo motor and stepping motor. The servo motor here refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. Stepper motor is an open-loop control unit that converts electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement.

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Clear the definition of two kinds of motor engraving machine, we talk about the difference between engraving machine servo and stepper


  1. The first is that the control mode is different: the servo motor of engraving machine has encoder, which is driven by closed-loop control; The stepper motor of engraving machine is driven by open loop control.
  1. The second is the difference in control accuracy. The precision of engraving machine servo motor is determined by the encoder. If the encoder scale value is more, the precision will be more. The precision of the stepper motor of engraving machine is determined by the number of phases and beats of the motor. The higher the number of phases and beats, the higher the precision.
  1. The third is the low frequency characteristic. The servo motor of engraving machine is still relatively stable. Even in low speed operation, there will be no motor vibration, and the stepping motor will appear low frequency vibration. Facing this phenomenon of stepper motor, we usually use damping technology or adjust driver subdivision to solve this problem.
  1. Fourth, the moment frequency characteristics are different. Specifically, the output torque of stepping motor will decrease according to the increase of speed. Engraving machine servo motor is a constant torque output, so it will not change the force because of the high or low speed.
  1. The fifth is the difference of overload capacity. Servo motor has strong overload capability, encoder can adjust focus automatically according to output, to prevent motor damage due to overload. Engraving machine stepper motor has overload performance. If it is beyond the characteristic range, it is easy to cause damage to the stepper motor.
  1. The sixth is the difference in operating performance. As mentioned above, the stepper motor of engraving machine is controlled by open-loop. If the starting frequency is too high or the load is too large, the serious consequences of losing step, not turning or even burning will occur. The servo motor of engraving machine is closed-loop control, which will not appear above phenomenon, so the control performance is more reliable.
  1. Finally, there is the difference in speed response. The acceleration of servo motor only needs a few seconds, so it is often used in the situation of fast start and stop. The acceleration of stepper motor needs hundreds of milliseconds, and the response time is longer.

Is it better to use servo or stepper for engraving machine?

From the above introduction, it is not difficult to see that servo motor has more advantages than stepper motor. Servo motor is generally suitable for high-speed operation, such as 3000-5000 rpm, and step motor for 500-600 rpm. The use and maintenance of servo motor are more troublesome than stepping motor. The engraving machine is better to use servo or step forward, and it needs to see the applicable situation.


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