Is it dangerous to use Laser marking machine? How do operators protect themselves?

1、 Is it dangerous to use Laser marking machine?

When we searched for the question "is it dangerous to use Laser marking machine", many users answered that there are many risk factors when using Laser marking machine: for example, the bright laser will cause damage to the retina of the operator; The fine dust formed in the process of marking will cause injury to the operator's lung, and long-term use will lead to pulmonary fibrosis; If the skin touches the laser beam, even in the case of partial focus, it may cause third degree burn; Some operators assemble the Laser marking machine without authorization, even causing casualties


2、 Is Laser marking machine really so dangerous?

In fact, these remarks are made by multiplying the potential safety hazard, and there is no actual basis. How dangerous is the Laser marking machine?

  1. Does laser marking damage the retina?

Laser marking machine is through the national security inspection, there is no harm to the human body. Laser marking will produce strong light, a short time of visual will not affect the retina of the operator, and the general professional laser equipment manufacturers will be equipped with goggles, the operator in the use of Laser marking machine when wearing, it will not affect the retina.

Laser marking machine will produce smoke and fine dust in the process of marking metal and other materials, but general laser equipment manufacturers will have smoke purifier device, which can inhale and purify smoke and dust at the first time, effectively protecting the working environment of operators.

  1. does laser marking cause pulmonary fibrosis?

If the laser is hit on the hand due to the operation error during operation, it may have a slight burning feeling, but the laser will not cause damage to the body, which is the pain when the irradiation is conducted, so the general laser equipment manufacturer will remind the operators to take good protective devices, and non operators shall not operate the laser equipment alone to avoid injury.

  1. does the use of laser marking cause casualties?

When using Laser marking machine, there will be safety precautions. It is sure that personnel will not be hurt if it is operated according to normal and safe process. If the Laser marking machine is assembled arbitrarily or the inferior Laser marking machine made in small workshops is used, there will be a great potential safety hazard.

3、 Which Laser marking machine is safer?


When the manufacturer selects Laser marking machine, it is recommended to select the Laser marking machine of large brand company. The Laser marking machine of big brand company is more complete, and there are many configurations available for selection, the equipment is more stable, the laser protection level is higher, and the safety of operators is more effectively guaranteed. After sales service is more timely and thoughtful, and can solve your needs more efficiently.