Is laser marking machine the same as laser marking machine?

In essence, the main uses and prices of these two kinds of machines and equipment are not the same, which can be said to be two completely different kinds of machines and equipment. I'd like to give you a brief introduction.

Laser marking machine is a kind of manual carving automatic cutting machine, and laser marking machine uses the standard exposure of laser to the volatilization of surface raw materials, exposure of deep chemical substances, or the transformation of physics, the manual carving marks of surface raw materials, or the lighting of some raw materials according to the kinetic energy of light to indicate the need for etching, pattern design, logo bar code, etc, The key is laser marking.

1: The deep difference between production processing and packaging printing

Laser marking machine generally has deep hand carving depth and large output power. The laser output power ranges from 25W to 150W. The depth of raw materials for manual carving varies from 0.1 mm to 80 mm. The depth of manual carving lies in the actual raw materials. Generally speaking, wood furniture, sponge, acrylic emulsion and other raw materials are deeply carved by hand.

The laser marking machine generally prints the deep layer less than 5mm, and the laser speed is between 5W and 100W.

2: Different production and processing rates

The speed of laser marking machine is generally 200 mm / s laser cutting speed and 500 mm / s manual carving speed;

The speed of a laser marking machine is generally three times that of a laser marking machine. In speed, laser marking machine is faster than laser marking machine. Like pure water manufacturers, the streamline in one minute is about 100 meters.

3: The precision and speed of laser engraving machine is much higher than that of CNC engraving machine

The laser generator of laser engraving machine can use fine light to work on the surface of raw materials, and the total width of the filament can reach 0.02mm. For precision machining and anti-counterfeiting logo to give a wide use of indoor space.

4: The difference of laser marking file format

Generally, laser marking machine can mark 200 * 200 mm file format by laser, and CNC engraving machine can carve large file format by hand. Scanning galvanometer scanner is used in laser marking machine, so the relativity of total width is small. Laser marking machine means that the spindle bearing of CNC engraving machine is replaced by the laser focusing point lens, and the laser is used to replace the special tools for production and processing. Therefore, as long as the XYZ axis is large enough, it is possible to solve large file formats with large file formats, but it must be accurate and solved. Equipment is very harmful to high efficiency. In addition, because there is no galvanometer, focusing lens and other laser optical system software is more suitable for heat removal, so the laser output power is not limited.
Micro laser engraving machine

5: Different laser generator

The software of laser light path system of laser marking machine is composed of three mirrors and one condenser. The laser is usually a carbon dioxide glass tube. The service life of glass tube laser generator is generally within 2000-10000 hours. The CO2 glass tube laser generator is disposable.
Jade laser engraving machine

The laser generator of laser marking machine is generally metal hose laser generator (non-metal marking machine) and YAG fiber laser (metal material laser marking machine), and its service life is generally more than 5 years. The metal hose of laser marking machine can pump air again.

6: Difference between manual carving and laser marking raw materials

Laser marking machine manual carving of a variety of raw materials, laminated glass, amethyst, acrylic board, wood, natural marble, fabrics, leather products, felt, printing paper, PVC, plastic, marcek and other non-metallic materials can be manual carving or laser cutting.
Laser engraving machine for woodworking

The key products in the field of laser marking machine are cloth, leather products, wooden furniture, porcelain or metal.

In fact, they are not machines and equipment in the same industry, only their names are similar, but in fact their work is quite different.