Jiangsu 3D Laser marking machine

Jiangsu 3D Laser marking machine worktable size 1500 * 3000mm worktable operating height 800mm noise 3D large format optical fiber Laser marking machine can be used for 3D curved surface large format optical fiber marking of the new generation of high demand Laser marking machine system. The fiber laser is used to output the laser, and then the high-speed scanning galvanometer system is used to realize the marking function. The fiber Laser marking machine has high electro-optic conversion efficiency, air cooling mode, compact size, good output beam quality and high reliability. It can carve metal materials and some non-metal materials. The fiber laser adopts the integrated laser precision cutting machine. The following is for smooth surfaces with low reflection. General effect, speed: 150 mm / S-300 mm / S; Special blackening, speed: 30mm / s-50mm / s. 1. Cast iron - no special requirements. 2. Pure cast aluminum - white. Semiconductor side pump marking machine is used for marking, with frequency of 2KHz, speed of 150 mm / S-300 mm / S3, alumina black marking. Semiconductor side pump marking machine with frequency of 4kHz and speed of 50mm / S is adopted.


Technical advantages: high quality green light source and self-developed light path can be used to print two-dimensional code on metal and non-metal materials, and the size can be as small as 0.3 mm × 0.3 mm, equipped with mechanical vision system and XY module to achieve accurate positioning (Global Positioning: 16 μ M / pixel, local location: 10 μ M / pixel) and high precision calibration (X: 1 μ m / Y:1 μ m / R0.003 deg

What machine is used for titanium alloy welding? A: with laser welding machine, do you have any requirements for depth and speed? What range do you want to do? Spot welding or automatic welding? According to your situation, I recommend a suitable equipment for you!

The Laser marking machine can help the power adapter manufacturer to solve the relevant identification information on the power adapter. It can recommend the appropriate laser marking equipment according to the customer's specific budget, and provide customers with a one-stop solution from the equipment to the identification information. At the same time, it can also provide free proofing effect according to the demand, so as to ensure that the customer's production needs can be met. Wuhan Ruifeng photoelectric Laser marking machine is cost-effective, no less than the product quality of other brands. With years of laser research and development experience, the product technology is mature, and the accessories of the equipment group are high-quality brands, so the product performance is safe and stable. Wuhan Ruifeng laser power always adheres to the attitude of "quality, service second, price third" to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

3D rotary laser processing is a very hot topic and application hotspot in recent years. In 2012, 3D Laser marking machine which can be used in actual combat came out. At the same time, the new laser processing method represented by 3D laser printing brought the revolution of laser processing; The 3D marking technology in the industry can realize laser marking on curved surface workpiece more easily, without defocusing during processing, and even complex curved surface can cope with it freely.

According to the experience beyond laser, the higher the power of UV laser cutting machine, the better the processing effect and efficiency in some areas, such as FPC circuit board processing, but in some areas, the effect of low power is better, such as film material etching. The main products include FPC laser cutting machine, PCB laser machine, laser splitter, optical fiber / UV / CO2 Laser marking machine, UV UV laser cutting machine, green picosecond cutting machine, laser drilling machine, ceramic laser cutting machine, glass cutting machine, metal film laser etching machine, etc.


Laser marking machine is mainly used for printing 1D / 2D text patterns of PCB, which can achieve high-speed printing, beautiful and clear printing effect. Because the laser head of the existing marking machine is huge and bulky, it will cause inertia jitter and low marking accuracy; Because of the limitation of the structure of the conveying mechanism, it can't be applied to PCB of various sizes; The structure is complex and the operation is difficult. In addition, there are still many problems in the traditional laser marking industry, such as the complex and high cost of fixture manufacturing, the poor control of the marking and welding accuracy of small size or irregular products, and the influence of product placement position and angle on the marking accuracy. Laser marking machine.