[Jingchuang laser UV laser marking machine]

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a series of products of laser marking machine, so its basic principle is the same as laser marking machine, which uses laser to mark permanent marks on the surface of various different chemical substances. The base marking effect is based on the fact that the short wavelength laser immediately cuts off the molecular chain of substances (different from the volatilization of surface chemical substances and exposing deep chemical substances caused by long wavelength laser), and then highlights the pattern design and text of the required ion implantation. Because the focus point of ultraviolet laser is very small and the thermal hazard area of production and processing is small, it can carry out ultra fine laser marking and material laser marking, which is the preferred product for customers with higher requirements for the actual effect of laser marking.

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In addition to copper materials, suitable materials for production and processing are more common. Not only the light cost-effective, focus light spot is smaller, can complete the ultra detailed identification

; The application field is more common; The thermal hazard area is very small, so it is not easy to cause thermoelectric effect and raw material burning; Marking speed is faster and efficient; The whole machine features stable, small size, poor function loss.

UV laser marking machine is dominated by its unique low output power laser.

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Especially in the high-end sales market of ultra meticulous production and processing, laser marking on the surface of plastic packaging bottles of skin care products, drugs, food and other fiber materials, the actual effect is meticulous, the identification is clear and firm, better than printing ink bar code and zero pollution;

Soft PCB laser marking, area; Silicon wafer microporous plate, buried hole production and processing;

LCD panel two-dimensional code laser marking, laminated glass surface hole, metal surface coating laser marking, plastic function keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building decoration materials, etc

Laser engraving machine price

1. Using the fifth generation laser equipment, fast and permanent maintenance free, long life;

2. Consumables;

3. High quality laser marking machine with minimum power consumption;

4. Fiber laser generator; Data scanning galvanometer, high precision, faster speed, long life

5. Machine and equipment features stable, high precision level, can work 24 hours continuously;

The rotary laser marking machine is a rotary platform which is based on the laser marking machine. This kind of special manufacturing equipment can be converted at will. In addition, the rotary platform improves the scope of material appearance. It can not only laser mark the raw materials of general plan, but also more accurately complete the laser marking on the inclined product workpiece without defocusing during production and processing, Even the complicated slope can be easily solved, such as: cylindrical, circular, curved materials, can be more fixed laser marking.

The rotary laser marking machine has the advantages of high photoelectric conversion rate, long service life, easy maintenance and faster laser marking speed, which further improves the production and processing efficiency. Fast focus and scanner system software, laser beam transverse mode, short single pulse, peak value output power, high repetition frequency, to produce satisfactory laser marking effect for customers.

Saishuo laser rotary laser marking machine is widely used in the laser marking of all kinds of metal materials or non-metal materials on the slope, and is widely used in the production and manufacturing of mobile phones, three-dimensional power supply circuits, equipment, molds, 3C electronic devices, auto parts, electronic device communication and other fields.