Jinniu Spring Festival, haoshui Wangcai 3D UV laser marking Nongfu Spring Festival commemorative bottle

Starting from the golden monkey bottle in 2016, Nongfu mountain spring will launch a limited number of Chinese Zodiac bottles every year, and the limited collection in the year of xinchou ox in 2021, just as promised.

There are different allusions to the zodiac bottles launched by Nongfu mountain spring every year

The spiritual core of Chinese Zodiac tradition

Integration of modern industrial design

Deep cultivation of emotional stories

Seamless connection of Chinese spirit

To show the brand value in front of us

This bottle is only for free, not for sale

Scan the QR code on the bottle


To get it

Such a unique product

What if you don't hit it?

3D UV Laser marking machine helps you

After customizing graphics through computer programming

3D UV Laser marking machine

Quickly and accurately outline the elegant atmosphere of the zodiac patterns

It only takes a few seconds to make a special glass bottle

Consumption habits are hard to change

It does not mean that product design should always be "unchangeable"

Laser marking can process irregular or regular shape

It provides a new way for glass bottle packaging design

Let the glass bottle have both design sense and fun!

  1. Function characteristics of 3D UV Laser marking machine

It has the function of three-dimensional surface marking to ensure that the focus spot is fine within the height range of 0 ~ 150 mm and the marking effect is consistent;

With large format marking function, the maximum marking format can reach 600mm * 600mm, breaking through the limitation of traditional optical fiber marking machine;

Advanced digital three-axis dynamic focusing technology is adopted, with fast marking speed, high real-time zoom control and uniform focusing spot;

Modular design, compatible with domestic and international mainstream fiber lasers, strong product adaptability;

The marble working platform has good seismic resistance and stress resistance, good flatness and high stability;

The software has powerful functions, can import the graphics output by mainstream 3d design software, and can carry out simple 3D graphics editing. It has the function of converting 2D graphics into 3D, and the operation is simple and convenient.

  1. Technology application of 3D UV Laser marking machine

3D UV Laser marking machine is suitable for PVC, rubber, plastic, aluminum, copper, gold, silver high reflection materials.